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Thailand Wholesale Jewellery



Thailand Wholesale Jewellery

If you think that the Thailand wholesale jewellery shops are hidden in Bangkok in the Chinatown and you have to look for them, than you should know that on the Khaosan Road are numerous affordable and big shops with wholesale jewellery.


If you are in a visit in Thailand and you received the mission to buy some wholesale earrings, necklaces and bracelets, of silver or gold, for your relatives, or if you want to buy the jewellery for you and for some gifts, go on the Khaosan Road.

Here you can find about 10 shops with silver jewellery, some of them better than other. To make a selection, you can target the stores with buyers that seem to be familiar with the place because they have more experience than you.


Next you should establish how much you want to spend on the Thailand wholesale jewellery. Generally, the minimum amount accepted by the wholesale stores is of $100. The wholesale price is about $25 per one gram, if you want pure silver jewellery and higher, if you want jewellery with stones. If you don’t know exactly what jewellery to select, just let your eye and taste to guide you.


Thailand Wholesale Jewellery

In this way, to buy the jewellery will not become a hard thing to do, even if you pay attention to the quantity, quality, design, or to the quantity-price proportion. With $300, for example, you can buy 3 pendants, 14 earrings, 10 necklaces, 3 rings and 30 bracelets, which more than okay for this amount of money.


There are also numerous Internet websites that sell Thai wholesale jewellery from where you can buy: fashion rings, gothic jewellery, bangle bracelets, Swarovski crystal earrings and necklaces, unique necklaces, costume bracelets, fashion rings, funky jewellery, friendship bracelets, surf jewellery and so on.


Thailand is well known for its jewellery industry; the Thai craftsmen are sophisticated and have a skilled work. The innovative technology and the attention to the details make from Bangkok the leader of the South-East Asia on the jewellery and gems market.


The certified stores have great offers to precious metals and stone, precious metals that are brought here from different countries of the world to be set, cut and polished here. Bangkok is like a hub for jewellery, coloured stones, gems and diamonds. There are 5 principal jewellery and gems districts in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok: Yaowarat, Surawong, Silom, Mahesak and Charoen Krung, all of them situated in the downtown of Bangkok. Mahesak is the ideal place to buy gem stones by kilogram.


Ready made jewellery with a special design can also be bought from here. Silom is the place of the girls’ best friends: the diamonds. There are about 395 stores with diamonds and stones, cut with special techniques that give the diamonds clarity and brightness.

Wholesale Jewellery in Thailand


Yaowarat is the place for the gold shopping, with the biggest gold shops concentration. If you want silver jewellery, Charoen Krung is the place you have to visit. Wholesale shops as well as retail shops are here.



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