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Thailand Weather



Thailand Weather

All over the year, the Thailand weather is relatively pleasant, proper for trips. The clime is tropical, characterized by high temperatures and humidity.

The biggest influence is own by the monsoons which modify their direction each season. In the summer they bring the humid air from ocean, and during the winter they bring the dry air from continent to the ocean’s waters.


Here, three distinctive seasons succeeds, respectively the warm season, the cold season and the rains seasons. In July, the South-West monsoon’s influence, which brings the rains season that lasts till the end August, it makes its presence. 

You don’t have to worry because this season is proper for tourism, also.


The rain blasts produce on very short periods, often only an hour or maybe a night. The rains season is related to the agricultural activities and it is used to organize the most of the national holidays and festivals. The ideal period to visit Thailand is September-March, when the temperature oscillates around 30C.


Weather in Thailand

The less favorable period is March-June, when the temperatures get over 40C and the humidity is high. Important is to mention is the fact that in Thailand the humidity keeps at high values all over the years, the media being of 65-80%.


Pay attention to the temperatures differences, especially when you travel to areas that are at a higher altitude, because the temperature can come down even under 10C there.

The more the altitude grows the more the temperature gets lower and the differences between day and night are more marked. On beach, the clime is always more weight, due to the wind breezes.


If it just happens to rain, don’t be scared to go in a trip to a city of Thailand, where you can visit the famous stores and markets or you can visit one of the most popular natural parks in the world. Anyway, don’t forget to take sun glasses and protective cosmetic products with you. Thailand is divided in four distinct areas: the mountainous North, the fertile hills from Centre, the semi-arid plateau from North-East and the South Peninsula, distinctive from its numerous tropical beaches and islands. Thailand has a tropical wet clime and remains warm all over the year.


The medium temperatures are of 29C which varies in Bangkok from 35C in April to 17C in December. There are three seasons: the cold season (November-February), the warm season (April-May) and the rainy season (June-October) although the rains rarely last more than two hours. If you intend to make a trip to Thailand and you don’t know what clothes to take with you, here are some advices for you: the sweaters are necessary for the evenings of the cold season or if you visit the mountainous areas or the national parks.

The cotton large and soft clothes are the most recommended being the best. The decent clothes are necessary to enter in temples and palaces.

Thailand Weather


You have to avoid the nylon and the jackets and the tie are required in some night restaurant and clubs.



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