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Thailand Visa



Thailand Visa

To obtain a Thailand visa you have to follow some steps and to respect some requirements.


If you want the visa you have to go to the Royal Embassy or to the Royal Thai Consulate-General. There are people from certain countries that can enter in Thailand without a visa; for example, if you want to go to Thailand as a tourist you don’t need the visa but you have to live the country in 30 days.


This is not a general rule, so get informed before going. Thailand has bilateral agreements with some countries according to which the citizens of that countries don’t need visa to enter in Thailand.

The citizens of some countries may gat their Thailand visa upon their arrival in the country.


They can stay in Thailand less than 15 days.  The people coming from counties with areas declared infected with the Yellow Fever must present a health certificate that proves that they were vaccinated against this disease.


Visa in Thailand

To find out what are the conditions to obtain your visa, you have to go to the Royal Thai Embassy or to the Royal Thai Consulate from your country.


Get all the information you need, including the visa before going to Thailand.


The needed documents to get the visa are the passport (must be valid) or other travel document that comply the conditions mentioned in the Thailand’s Immigration Act.

In the moment of your visa application you have to be outside Thailand and you will receive the type of visa corresponding to your visit purpose. Generally, the one who requires for visa has to apply in person.


But there are countries where the Royal Thai Embassies and the Royal Thai Consulates that accept the applications sent trough post, travel agencies (that are authorised) or representatives, depending of the case. To find which are the acceptable application ways for your visa enquire at the Royal Thai Consulate or at the Royal Thai Embassy from your country where you have to submit the visa application.


It is important to know that the visa’s period of validity is not the same with the stay period. The validity period for a visa represents the period when you can use the visa to enter in Thailand. The visa’s validity is of 3 months but there are special cases in which the validity period may be modified for 6, 12 or even 32 months. The Royal Thai Consulate or the Royal Thai Embassy grants the visa’s validity, in a discrete way and the validity will be displayed on a sticker. The foreign people who enter in Thailand are not allowed to work, no matter what type of visa they have. To work in Thailand you need a work permit and to obtain it you must have the proper visa type. All the necessary information regarding the applications for a work permit can be obtained from the

Thailand Visa


Ministry of Labour, the Employment Department – the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, personally or on their websites.



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