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Thailand Tsunami



Thailand Tsunami

At least 11.000 people died in the Asia’s South and East because of the seismic waves broken out by the strongest earthquake of the last 40 years.


The earthquake, with a magnitude of 8.9 on Richter, gave rise to some huge waves over couple of thousands of kilometres and which stroke the coast areas of at least 7 countries:


Thailand, Maldives, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia.


The victims account was increasing in all the affected areas among which were more beach resorts from Thailand, full of people who intended to spend the Christmas holiday here.


According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake happened 0.58 GMT (7.58 the local hour), the epicentre being situated at 1.620 kilometres of the Jakarta’s North-West, at 40 kilometres under the sea’s bottom. The replicas that followed also had big magnitudes, of approximately 7. The earthquake’s force felt very far away, shaking building situated at over 1.000 kilometres distance of epicentre, from Singapore to Bangladesh. The closest locations to the epicentre were almost levelled by seismic waves.


Thailand Tsunami

The holiday in Thailand transformed in a disaster for hundreds of tourists came to spend here a sunny Christmas on the beaches from the South of this country.At least 310 people died and other 5400 were injured.

The owner of two resort beaches on the Phi Phi Island, where the success movie ‘The Island’ (with Leonardo DiCaprio) was made, said that about 200 of his bungalows were takes by waters together with a part of the tourists and the employees that were next to them. Chan Marongtaechar, was in the Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, when the disaster happened and said that he was worried that a large number of foreign citizens and employees disappeared in the sea.


He estimated that there were about 700 persons on the beaches. The first waves of the Thailand tsunami, having about 10 metres in height swept away the most popular vacation resort beaches of Thailand, from the Andaman Sea, like Krabi, Phuket and Phi Phi, frequented by a lot of foreign tourists.


The waters swallowed the vacation houses, hundreds of tourists, sank the small vessels and completely crashed the bungalows from the beaches’ vicinity. Thailand has over 1.000 dead people, including numerous foreign citizens and 1.200 missing persons.

Among these were many divers which were exploring the Emerald Cave from the Phuket Island. The witnesses said that many tourists drowned in their rooms after the beach hotels were swallowed by the gigantic waves.

The elephants were involved in the cleaning program of the areas affected by the Thailand Tsunami, being used to shift away the fallen trees and to disembarrass the roads, helping at the cleaning of

Tsunami in Thailand


the swampy or too affected areas to allow the access of the vehicles. The elephants are very intelligent and receptive to orders.



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