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Thailand Travel



Thailand Travel

Thailand is the land of total freedom and of no inhibitions, of the cities that never sleep, of the beaches with crystal waters and of the blue lagoons.

So, how can a Thailand travel be something else but a trip to the heaven on Earth? To enjoy such a vacation in Thailand, when you arrive here you have to know what to expect at, someone has to warn about your will live, you have to be informed.


If not, you can be shocked of what you will find there. Sometimes shocked in a very pleasant way, sometimes you will realize that you are too bashful, sometimes the enthusiasm will be without limits.

They say that Thailand is the men’s paradise, which can not be denied.


The men are indeed happy there. The women are not by all means beautiful, some of them don’t have beautiful features, but you will never see them together or hand in hand with locals but with any other person of any other citizenship. Clearly, they have a method undiscovered by us, the ‘other’, because the men travel thousands of miles to experience this.


Thailand Travel

And this is a performance, which the women can not deny. The most beautiful, indeed beautiful, can be seen in Pattaya, in a show like Moulin Rouge, that was famous due to the fact that the show is made of ex-men only.


The way they transformed represents an art in the true meaning of the word and deserves to be admired. After you saw everything, after you had contact with the Thai culture and you had enough tan, is good to reserve two or three days of staying in Bangkok especially for the Royal Palace and the Emerald Temple of Buddha but also for shopping. In Thailand is best to come without a heavy luggage but with many empty bags.


The maximum limit admitted by the air companies is good to be used exclusively for the shopping you do in Bangkok. With a population of 10 million people and an infernal traffic, the capital is the perfect place to empty the cards.


The prices are not touristic and you can find from the local brands in huge malls to big and famous brands for which you pay less than anywhere else.

If you are not looking for known brands or something specifically, try the cosmetics, especially the local ones, made by Thais. Are very natural and extremely efficient!


Thailand is the paradise, lost somewhere between night and day, lost between the superb beaches that make from you an incurable romantic without even realise and the evening’s ‘show’ everywhere around you, is the place like heaven, in which the tourist is a true king and is treated like one, everything is subjugated to him and created in his honour.

Travel in Thailand


Is the place in which the atmosphere it ailing impregnates some men’s minds but also the place in which the women find their happiness with some help from their credit cards. 



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