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Thailand Tourism



Thailand Tourism

Although a small country, Thailand tourism is highly developed; the country has a generous length of beaches, divided in more regions.

The closest to the Bangkok are the two regions, Central and Eastern, which border the country’s bay. The beaches are absolutely superb, with fine sand, clear waters, coral reefs and luxuriant vegetation.


In the Pattaya area, for example, you can walk on the beaches situated at short distance of shore, numerous beaches being here that host some truly dramatic landscapes.

Ta Waem, from the Koh Larn island is the most known, it has 750 meters in lengths and it has many local boutiques with a specific charm.


The main beach from Pattaya is very beautiful also. The many hotels and restaurants separated of the sand strip long of about 4 kilometers by a green curtain of exotic trees, assure a perfect alternative during the day and even after the night comes, the night life being extremely agitated here. For those who prefer to live in the shore hotels there are boats for rent that can go to any of the islands.


The South region has its own charm, its position along the peninsula that separates The Indian Ocean of the Thailand’s Bay offering a tropical perfect climate, comparable with the one from Florida.


The economic, social and touristic centre of the region is Phuket, the only island that has a province statute also and which, together with its surrounding islands offer thousands of accommodation and fun places for tourists.


Its unique landscapes, the tropical atmosphere, the local civilization and, why not, the extremely accessible prices made from Phuket the most quested vacation destination from Asia.


There are at least five or six important beaches in Phuket, each of them having own features, being quested by visitors for their particularities. Rawai is the fishermen’s favorite, the shore fishing being very prolific here.Kata has a coral reef and this is why the diving and the swimming are the most proper. From here you can get very fast to the Poo Island, and the hotels, restaurants and bars network is very well developed.


Kata Noi is situated at South of Kata, is smaller and can be the favorite of those who need to relax and enjoy the nature.

The small reefs are an alternative for the diving amateurs-numerous exotic fish species are there to admire them. Karon, the second as size, is bordered by the main road, along which the hotels and the restaurants were built.


The life is extremely agitated in this area, many fun places being here like the Dino Park in which a mini golf field can be found. Nai Nan is a beach dedicated especially to the surfers and yachting fans.

The most quested, busy and crowded beach is Patong from Phuket, famous for the pleasure its visitors can enjoy.

Thailand Tourism


The life is intense during the day and the night in Patong where in the hours of the day the fun’s sense is given by the sand and the sea.



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