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Thailand Sports



Thailand Sports

Thailand, the beautiful land of smiles, is also a land of fun and exciting sport activities.


Tourists coming to this gorgeous country enjoy a wide range of sports from native sports to international sports. For international sports, there’s golf, rugby, soccer, football, weightlifting, and Taekwondo.

For native sport, there’s the Sepak Takraw and the the more popular Muay Thai or Thai Boxing.

Sepak Takraw is a Thailand native sport similar to soccer and volleyball.

It is similar to volleyball because of its use of a ball being thrown back and forth over a net in between two competing teams.


It is similar to soccer in its use of the feet, instead of the hands in hitting the ball. It differs from the two sports because instead of the synthetic leather-made ball, it uses a rattan-made ball. Other than the feet, Sepak Takraw players also use their chest, knees, and even their heads in kicking or hitting the rattan ball over the net.


Sports in Thailand

This native sport has also become popular in neighboring Asian countries.

On the other hand, Muay Thai or Thai boxing is known to be the specialty or expertise of Thailand people.


After all, it is Thailand’s national sports. Muay Thai is a kind of martial arts that uses strong punches, kicks, and strikes with the elbows and knees.

It is somewhat a combination of the Western boxing and Asian martial arts. Due to the similarity, Thailand enjoys a winning edge against other countries at the Olympic Games when it comes to boxing.


But with the growing range of sports interest in the country, Thailand has been increasing its chance for Olympic medal in other sports categories over the years.Thailand people’s love for sport is evident in the huge multi-purpose stadium it built in Bangkok—the Rajamangala National Stadium.


This stadium in Bang Kapi, Bangkok, can accommodate up to 65,000 audiences. It was built huge to serve as a venue for the Asian Games of 1998. Today, it is being used for football games and serves as the home court of the Thailand National Football Team.

Thailand has also gained some popularity in other sports. These days, it is already considered as the Golf Capital of Asia because of its numerous classy golf courses. Today, there are around 200 or more golf courses in the country and they have attracted golf players from all over the globe. Thailand has also grown accustomed to hosting prestigious golf tournaments.

Thailand Sports


Since Thailand has so many beautiful beaches, water sports have also grown in popularity. Tourists would sometimes come for diving, sailing, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing.



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