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Thailand Seasons



Thailand Seasons

Thailand seasons may be least desired by foreigners visiting the country for the first time.


They find it hot all he time, especially those foreigners coming from the west who are used to snows and extremely cold weather.


That is why they jokingly refer to Thailand’s three seasons as: the hot, the burning hot, and the too darn scorching hot seasons.


But it’s not really that bad. It’s just that they are not used to hot weathers. But once they get the hang of it, these foreigners never want to leave anymore.

After all, Thailand has a lot of cool and beautiful beaches to make up for the warm weather.


It is true that Thailand has three seasons that are all too hot for westerner’s liking. There is the very hot season that foreigners refer too as too darn hot.

This starts in March and lasts until June. This season can sometimes become unbearable for people used to cool weather.


Seasons in Thailand

So if traveling to Thailand during these months, you better come prepared.


Bring protection from the heat such as shades or sunglasses, sun visors or hats, umbrellas and the like.

And if you are not into tanning your skin, it’s best to lather up with sun block creams. Moreover, wear only light cotton clothes so you can endure the humid weather.


The weather is so hot and humid that simple physical activity such as walking can tire you out quickly. Temperatures can go as high as 40 degrees in Celsius and may cause heat strokes in these hot spells.


The next season, which is from July to October, is the rainy season. To most countries, rainy seasons mean wet and cool weather. Not in Thailand though.


Unlike most tropical countries, it neither rain all day nor every day during Thailand’s rainy season. It only rains in the afternoon and it still can be considered hot and humid. Mornings during the rainy season are nice and just cool enough. It’s best enjoyed in cafes, under a sunny but somewhat cooler sky. Beaches also remain busy during this season since a lot of people are still in want of refreshingly cool water.

The last season is the best season for tourists and vacationers to come to the land of smiles—the cool or dry season. This cool season starts in November and lasts until February. But do not be fooled though.

Thailand Seasons


By cool, this season only means cooler or more comfortable weather than the other months and without the rains. So, woolen coats and thick jackets are not exactly necessary. Morning showers can be a little cold depending on what your body is accustomed to.



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