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Thailand Safety



Thailand Safety

Perhaps you have heard a lot of negative stories about safety of tourists in Thailand.

But I’m pretty sure that those stories do not necessarily reflect the real security status of this beautiful country. Thailand is a relatively safe place.

It is as safe as any Asian tourist destination in the continent. Tourists need not take any more caution than what is usually necessary when traveling to any foreign place.



Crime rate in Thailand is even a lot lower compared to many cities in the United States. Only the usual purse-snatching, burglary and purse-snatching in crowded places such as trains, marketplace, or wherever there are huge crowd-drawing events.


But then again, which country doesn’t have any pickpockets or purse-snatchers at all?If there is one thing that tourists have to watch out for in Thailand, it is the excessive charges in taxi fares or what they call “tuk-tuks”.


Safety in Thailand

But it is also the same in other Asian countries.

Locals anywhere try to scam foreign tourists, or even local tourists, because they know that these people don’t know better about the going rates.


They have lots of money on them and that they are usually on a holiday mood that they don’t really care about spending freely.


So, locals know that they will get away with it. But if they see that the tourist is well-informed, or if the tourist questions them, they usually won’t insist and give what is just right.


Same goes for renting a vehicle, or hiring rides, tours and other tourist packages.


Always make sure that you got the details of charges, insurance and safety correct.


You might get burned for surprise charges or payment for repairs if you happen to damage a vehicle you rented. Violence against tourists in Thailand is very unusual.


Although there have been a few reports of violent crimes, these are just isolated cases and not a pattern that people have to watch out for.


Just practice the usual precaution of not wandering alone in the dead of night, especially in unfamiliar places.


If you are a lone traveler and has no one to take a stroll with, try to limit your strolling during daytime until early evening.


If after all your precautions you still find yourself in a sticky situation, you may go to Thailand’s special Tourist Police Force for assistance.

Thailand Safety

These police officers usually speak good English so you won’t have trouble explaining your predicaments to them.



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