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Thailand Registered Airmail



Thailand Registered Airmail

Registered airmail is one of the many postal services offered by Thailand Post. Main Thailand postal services include Letter Post, Postal Parcel, Express Mail Service (EMS), and some special services.

Under these main services are several types of specified services. Under Letter-Post service are the following: Letter service, aerogramme, postcard, printed papers, small packets, and even printed matters for the blind.

Meanwhile, special services include Certified Mail, Registration or Registered Airmail, Insurance or Insured Mail, Advice of Delivery, Express Delivery, and Business Reply Service. The difference of Registered Airmail from the normal mail services is the proof of mailing given to senders.


This gives the mail senders evidence that their correspondences are received by their recipients. Thailand registered airmail postmen require the recipient to sign an acknowledgment receipt of the document and this document is given to the sender afterwards.


Thailand Registered Airmail

Thailand registered airmail is the most appropriate service especially for valuable documents.

Aside from getting proof that the mail is received, the sender will also get compensation in case the mail is lost or damaged en route to the recipient or while in the care of Thailand Post Office.

For domestic destinations, Thailand Post will pay 300 Baht per mail. For International destinations, Thailand Post will pay 1,600 Baht.


This advancement in postal services is a huge improvement from the early beginnings of postal system in Thailand.


In the early 1800s, before Thailand Post was established, sending and receiving letters through mail service was a privilege afforded only by the royal families. This is because mail delivery takes a long time and is very expensive. Mails to be delivered within the country were taken care of by messengers.


Mails to be sent outside the country were carried by steamboats, which do not come cheap at the time, and delivered to post offices in surrounding countries.


It was only in 1858 did the government put up a post office offers international mail service and the British Consulate at that time made the post office open to the public.


Today, registered airmail is only one of the many innovations that happened in the mail service system of Thailand.


Thailand post has also been semi-privatized, one of the reasons for its improved service. However, people may still read bad reviews about the office and its service.


Some people claim that it is not reliable, that their mails get lost or damaged along the way. 

Registered Airmail in THailand

Although the office still receive complaints here and there every now and then, Thailand registered airmail still provides good service on the whole. And being a semi-private company, Thailand Post now also coordinates with the international courier services such as UPS, DHL, TNT and FedEx.



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