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Thailand Recipe



Thailand Recipe

Food recipes in Thailand have a very distinctive taste. Although influenced by its neighboring Asian countries, the unique combination of spices used in Thailand recipes distinguishes it from other Asian cuisines.

Food preparation in this country places great importance in details, balance and variety.


Thai cooks ensure that every dish, even the entire meal, is balanced in terms of the five (5) basic tastes.

The five basic tastes—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami—is usually blended spicy flavoring.

And Thailand recipe is popular for being spicy.

Thailand recipes can look very intimidating and difficult to prepare.


But if you know the basic ingredients and know a thing or two about cooking techniques, it can be quite easy. Familiarizing with the ingredients commonly used in Thai cooking will greatly help.


Thailand Recipe

Rice and noodles are the two main ingredients in many Thailand recipes.


There are several types of rice in Thailand such as the famous fragrant Jasmine Rice and the sticky Black Rice that is used for desserts.


Some noodles are also made out of rice like the rice vermicelli noodle and the most common “Rick Stick” noodle.


Another type is the Cellophane noodle, which is made of mung beans.


Common spices used in Thailand recipes are garlic, chilies, and coriander or cilantro.


Other spices that may be unique to Thailand recipes are the green peppercorn, Thai holy basil, Lemongrass, lime, lime leaves, pandan leaves, shallot, turmeric, and galangal.


Thai holy basil is not the same as the sweet basil. It has a calming effect and was used by Thai monks for this quality. Hence, it was called holy. Meanwhile, lime leaves are not the leaves from a common lime tree. It is originally called Kaffir lime leaves from the Kaffir lime tree.


The fruit is not used in food but the leaf is used as aromatic spice.

Pandan leaves are also used as an aromatic spice on drinks and desserts.


Galangal and turmeric are types of ginger, while Shallot is a type of onion.


Other ingredients commonly found in Thailand recipes are coconut, mushrooms, jackfruit, tamarind, tapioca, and tofu.


Condiments that add flavor to Thailand recipes are chili powder, fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, and golden mountain sauce. The key in achieving an authentic Thai taste is preparing all the ingredients before starting to cook.

Recipes in Thailand

 All the ingredients must be cut, chopped, or minced as necessary before even turning the stove on. This is because Thailand cooking is done quickly at very high temperatures. So, all ingredients must be ready to be tossed to the pan or skillet in quick successions.



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