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Thailand Real Estates



Thailand Real Estates

Thailand real estate properties are becoming more and more attractive lately, even to foreigners working in the country.


The longer these foreign executives stay in the Thailand, the more they feel like buying properties in the so-called “Land of Smiles”.


Expatriates are now looking at buying condominiums, even houses, not only in Thailand’s most popular city (Bangkok) but also in nearby areas like Phuket, Hua Hin, and Pattaya.


Because of this surge in popularity, values of real estate properties in these areas of Thailand have continuously appreciated over the years.


The charming country is no longer just a favorite vacation spot but has now become a favorite place for retirement.And why not? Thailand has the most beautiful beaches and places of relaxation at very affordable prices. Not to mention the friendly neighborhood and affordable cost of living.


Real Estates in Thailand

It is really difficult not to love this place and want to settle here.


For foreign nationals who want to settle in Thailand and make it their home, here are a few guidelines in buying real estate properties in this country.


The most saleable real estate properties in Thailand are condominiums because they are strategically located near places of work such as the central business district of a certain area.


Condominiums are sprouting like mushrooms in Thailand. In Bangkok alone, there are currently more than 55,000 condominium units and the numbers are still growing.


Condominiums are also easier to acquire compared to houses and lands, hence its popularity among expatriates living in Thailand.


Buying a house in Thailand is not easy for foreign nationals but possible. Foreigners cannot own a house in Thailand as an individual and put it under their name, but they can do so through their Thai registered company.


The house will be put under the name and ownership of the said company. The same goes when purchasing a piece of land. It also has to be under the ownership of a Thai registered company.

Another way to buy a house or a land in Thailand is to marry a Thai national. Although they would purchase it as a couple, the property will still be put under the name of the Thai spouse and declared as bought with the separate money of the Thai spouse.


This can be a little tricky though, especially if the marriage does not go well and ends up in a divorce because the declaration also states that the non-Thai spouse waives his claim on the property.

Thailand Real Estates

Whatever kind of property a foreigner would like to buy, the first thing he has to do is to consult a good lawyer so all areas of concern would be covered.



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