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Thailand Rainy Season



Thailand Rainy Season

In every travel, weather is a primary consideration for travelers.

It is important to know the weather condition in the place you are visiting, especially at the time of your arrival and the duration of your stay.


This will determine the kind of clothes and other things that you need to pack in your bag.

So, better check weather reports on TV or online news before you travel, especially if it’s rainy season in your place of destination.

In Thailand, rainy season runs from May through November. During these months, travelers need to prepare to get wet and wild, so to speak. Contrary to popular beliefs, it doesn’t rain all day in Thailand during rainy season.


The usual rainy day starts with a dry morning succeeded by a slightly rainy afternoon. Then expect heavy rainfall at night. Rainfall in Thailand varies from region to region and differs from year to year. Rainy season in some areas in Thailand start early and some end later than others.


Thailand Rainy Season

In fact, some regions even remain almost rain-free. However, there are also regions that suffer terrible flooding.


Rainstorms, violent winds and sometimes even hail hit some regions.


So it is important to always prepare for the worst.


Pack your bag with cotton clothes that are easy to dry and rubber slippers in case you need to thread flooded streets.


Bring waterproof packets to protect your travel documents such as plane tickets, passports, and money or travelers checks.


This will also come in handy for your electric gadgets such as mobile phones, PDAs, laptops or MP3s.


It is also better to keep your travel plans as flexible as possible because you’ll surely experience transportation delays or interruptions in your planned activities.

If you have outdoor activities, be sure to have a plan B such as alternative indoor activity.

You might as well be prepared to be stranded in restaurants after dining or in bus stations in case it gets flooded.

Other common transportation problems encountered during rainy season in Thailand are unpleasant ferry ride with the rough seas, uncomfortable public transportation, slippery roads and sometimes zero visibility while driving.

Rainy Season in Thailand

But rainy season in Thailand is not all negative vibes, it also has some advantages. You can enjoy the fresher and cooler atmosphere better since there will be fewer tourists during this season. The surroundings become vibrant with lush plants and flowers. Also, during rainy season, you may find it easy to bargain for cheaper accommodations.



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