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Thailand Quick Facts



Thailand Quick Facts

Thailand is one of the many places on earth that is richly blessed by Mother Nature.


It is a very colorful and lovely country. Its rich history and culture attracts many people from all over the world.


No wonder Thailand is one of the frequently visited tourist destinations in Asia.


As with any other place to visit, it would greatly help to know the place a bit before buying a plane ticket and getting those hotel accommodations.

This will enable you to navigate the place in a more efficient and time-saving manner, hence resulting to a more enjoyable vacation.


So to get you started in knowing the beautiful Thailand and aid you to a blissful stay, here are some quick facts about this very enchanting place. First consideration in packing your bag is the weather. Climate in Thailand is Tropical. Rainy season starts from middle of May and ends in September.


Thailand Quick Facts

Dry season is from November to middle of May, during which, the weather is hot and humid. March to May is the worst dry period so it’s not advisable to travel to Thailand during these months.


Especially for people who are not used to extremely hot weathers.


Probably the best time to come to Thailand is from November to February, when the days are not so rainy but not too dry.


But if you still have to travel during the hot months, be sure to pack only light clothes.

Second consideration is money and expenses. Thailand currency is Baht.


It is not difficult to exchange your money as there are many foreign exchange establishments, especially in Bangkok and other cities.


Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are also strategically located in every city. Should you need to do banking errands, banking hours is from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Fare rates and food prices are both affordable. Tipping is not necessary as service charges are usually included in the bill.

But of course, it is still welcomed and appreciated, especially by hotel staff and porters.


Now, what to see and enjoy in Thailand? Thailand has the usual attractions for tourists: cultural tours, endless shopping and lively nightlife. To bring home a piece of this lovely place to your own country, you must check out its famous authentic Thailand Silk and other Thailand trinkets or souvenirs. There are potteries, soft pillows, custom-made shoes, bells, colorfully painted umbrellas, and tribal weavings.

Quick Facts in Thailand

As for night activities, Thailand has a colorful range of bars and clubs. It is by and large safe to prowl the strip of joints in the city. But of course, safety precautions should still be observed.



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