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Thailand Questions



Thailand Questions

Many Westerners are not too comfortable coming to Asian countries such as Thailand. Sometimes it is because they have heard a lot of not so good stories about these places.


Stories of crimes and violence against foreigners, getting scammed by local vendors and taxi cab drivers, unclean hotels, unsanitary food places, or generally unhealthy environment.


While some of these might be true in some places, it is not fair to judge all countries and all places in that country as an unsafe place for a visit or a vacation.

There are a lot of good stuffs to find in these Asian countries, especially in Thailand.


So for those who are wondering and those who have doubts and questions hanging in their minds, here are some answers to the top 5 questions about Thailand. Hopefully, these will erase all your worries and include Thailand in your next vacation destinations list.1. Is Thailand a safe country?

Yes, it is a very safe country for vacation, work and even for settling down! More and more Westerners are finding Thailand a nice place of retirement. Especially, the expatriates who have worked here for quite some time.


Thailand Questions

Thailand only earned the stigma of being unsafe from isolated cases of crimes that were blown out of proportion and became horrific urban legends.


Yes, there are crimes in Thailand. But that’s just as common as there are crimes in your own home country. Thai cities even have lower crime rates compared to other western cities.


Just keep your common sense and you’ll be alright in Thailand, or in any place for that matter.


2. Are there places or things that should be avoided?


Just as with other countries, there are places in Thailand that are not so safe to be in and things that are stupid to do in Thailand or any place for that matter.


Although there are areas where one shouldn’t wander, these areas are rarely the place you’d normally stray to.


These areas are far from the cities and mainly along borders like Cambodia and Burma borders. If you don’t unwisely seek adventures that you’re not supposed to, you will be fine.


3. Is it difficult getting around Thailand?


Definitely not. Transportations are relatively safe and easy to get around the place.


4. What scams should I be wary about?


The usual scams in Thailand are just petty such as Tuk-Tuk or taxi cab drivers overcharging in fares, fake gems or jewelries, and overcharging in girly bars.


Sound advice for situations like these is to keep your cool and then report to the police.

Questions in Thailand

5. Is medical care readily available and reliable in Thailand?

Medical care in Thailand is pretty good at par with Western services. A lot of their doctors were trained in the U.S.



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