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Perhaps the most celebrated day in Thailand is the birthday of their Queen and Mother, Mom Rajawongse Sirikit.

Queen Sirikit is very much loved by all Thailand people because of her generosity and benevolence towards the sick, the needy and women and children.

Her Majesty has organized and funded many livelihood programs that have helped the poor people to earn a living for themselves.


Sometimes she even get funding from her own pocket just to aid the Thailand people to get started on their small businesses. This is why the whole Thailand nation is all-out in celebrating her majesty’s birthday.


Queen Sirikit was born on the 12th of August and since 1976, this day has also been celebrated as Mother’s Day.


Thailand Queen

The Thai people consider Queen Sirikit as the Mother of all so they find it only fitting to commemorate all mothersand give thanks for their unconditional love on the birthday of the Queen Mother.


Since 1976 up to this day, August 12 is celebrated as the Queen’s Birthday and as Mother’s Day.


During this day, the Thailand people pay homage to their beloved Queen Sirikit. Thailand locals prepare for this day weeks ahead.


They decorate their houses with portraits of the Queen as an expression of their reverence, loyalty and everlasting gratitude to her.


Local organizations’ offices are also decorated with colorful lights and flowers along with Her Majesty’s portraits.


National flags are also raised all over the country, this being a significant national celebration. In government offices and cultural or historical places such as the Grand Palace, the Ratchadamnoen Avenue, or the Sanam Luang, the staff stages display of lights and fireworks for entertainment of the citizens. A grand procession going to the King’s Palace is also organized. Teachers and their students, together with the royal army and government officials,all line up at the high tower clock early morning of this day.


A lively music band plays as the procession marches to the king’s palace. Upon arrival at their destination, the people in the procession take turns in giving flowers to Her Royal Majesty’s representative.


And then the song of praise for the King and Queen—Mother of Kingdom—is sang. In the evening, a solemn ceremony is held at Queen Sirikit’s garden.

Government officers pay their respect to Her Majesty by lighting candles while praying for a long life for her. Since this day is also the celebration of Mother’s Day, the Thailand people pay their respect and express their gratitude towards their own mothers.

Queen in Thailand

They thank her for taking care of them and loving them unconditionally. Part of the tradition is the kneeling down of children before the mother and presenting her with white jasmine to express their gratefulness and love. Another tradition carried on this special day is the giving of donation to monks and other charitable organizations.



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