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Thailand Quality of Life



Thailand Quality of Life

Measurement of quality of life has been gaining popularity over the years. Quality of life in different cities and countries all over the world has become one of the frequently used subjects in year-end reports.

Surveys and studies are conducted every year to determine the rankings of various places in terms of quality of life, results of which appear on both business and lifestyle magazines.

Examples are Top 10 Most Livable Cities in the World, Top 20 Best States for Retirees, Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey, and the Quality of Life Index of the Economist Intelligence Unit, to name a few. Quality of life has become a very essential issue among developing countries around the world, including Thailand.


The Thailand government is now placing greater emphasis on the well-being of its citizens and its foreign residents as well. Based on local surveys, Thai people are generally satisfied with the kind of life they have in the country.


Thailand Quality of Life

The study showed that Thais find the personal aspects in their lives, such as family, education, social and economic conditions, to be very satisfactory.


However, the study also revealed that environmental and political aspects are not really up to scratch for Thai residents.

The civil unrest in year 2010 did not help in uplifting the level of satisfaction for the country’s political affair. In mid-2010, reports of casualties in protests against the Thai government have surged. Soldiers, protesters, journalists and even civilians have died in these seemingly endless street protests.


But surprisingly, this also did not reduce the country’s popularity among its expatriate residents. Just recently, Thailand landed on the top spot in the 2010 Expat Experience Survey on Quality of Life.


In HSBC’s 2010 report, Thailand bested Bahrain, Bermuda, Canada and South Africa for the title World’s Best Country to Live in. The expatriates’ criteria for judging are food quality and diet, accommodation, availability of health care, transportation and traffic, sports and leisure, travel, culture and entertainment, and social life in general. A good number of the expatriates surveyed have been living in the country for as long as five years and above. They also stated that Thailand is a very good retirement place, even one of the best in the World. In terms of the nine factors considered in determining the quality of life in a place—health, family life,

Quality of Life in Thailand

community life, material well-being, political stability and security, climate and geography, job security, political freedom and gender equality—Thailand isn’t far behind rich cities in the world.



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