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Thailand Quality Award



Thailand Quality Award

Thailand Quality Award is an award-giving body instigated by the National Science and Technology Development Agency or NSTDA, together with the Foundation of Thailand Productivity Institute or FTPI.

This independent Thai organization, also known as TQA, was created with the aim to uplift the qualities of Thailand companies and make them at par with the rest of the world.


Thailand Quality Award is given to deserving Thai companies that have applied to them and passed their criteria.


The award is not given away easily to any company that applies to the organization.


TQA is following a strict set of criteria that is based on the criteria of Baldrige Performance Excellence Program that awards the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, or MBNQA, to U.S. public and private organizations. The president of the United States himself administers this award. The criteria are sets of questions that would determine the qualification of a company in terms of customer focus, leadership, Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management, operations focus, results, strategic planning, and workforce focus.


Thailand Quality Award

These criteria serve as a guide for companies to be able to focus their attention on the areas that need it the most. They will also be able to determine their weaknesses and strength.


Once the organizations have done this, they can properly align their resources and set their priorities straight. To emphasize the greatness and prestige of this award to all Thai organizations, the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board integrated the Thailand Quality

Award in the 9 th National Economic and Social Development Plan of Thailand’s National Productivity development plan.


This directive aims to encourage all Thai organizations to strive for world-class excellence and to raise competitiveness level as well.


Thai companies can perform self-assessment tests so they can determine on their own if they have enough strength in the categories listed above to qualify for the Thailand Quality Award. Once they have determined that they have the qualities that the TQA is looking for, they can file their application to the organization. Thailand Quality Award has a special board that conducts the sensitive assessment of applicants’ qualification. The Board of Assessors also provides feedback report or guidelines for improvement, to all applicants including non-winners. Once the board is done with their official assessment and filed their suggested winners for the award,

Quality Award in Thailand


the Office of the Thailand Quality Award or OTQA will elevate the recommendation to the National Committee for final approval. In 2009, the fortunate companies that have earned the Thailand Quality Awards are: Bangkok Produce Merchandising Plc., Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc., Gas Transmission Pipeline, and The Oil Public Company Ltd.



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