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Thailand QA

Thailand QA, or Thailand Quality Award, is the highest and most prestigious award that a Thai-registered company can ever receive.

This award is widely and highly recognized in the business world and is considered to be a symbol of world-class excellence.

Seeing the importance and huge impact Thailand Quality Award can make to improve companies in the country,

the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board integrated this prestigious award into the 9 th National Economic and Social Development Plan.

As such, all Thai-registered companies are encouraged to strive for excellent performance to get this award.


 Thailand Quality Award is represented by a shiny gold gable apex logo with silver twinkling, shimmering star at its upper right hand corner that is encased in a box that makes it appear to be viewed through a Thai window.


Thailand QA

The gold gable apex is Thailand’s highest symbol and is usually found on the gable roofs of many Thai temples.


It symbolizes determined and continuous pursuit of excellence. Meanwhile, the twinkling silver star is a symbol of hope and desire to be the best of the best.


The Thai window, on the other hand, is a symbol of vision to make these desires and pursuits to succeed.


Winners of the Thailand Quality Award are given the right and privilege to imprint this logo in their publications and promotions of their excellence in performance.


They automatically gain the respect of other Thai-registered companies and even the organizations in other countries when they see this symbol of excellence associated with their name. Thailand QA winners are also invited to speak and share their success stories in business seminars or meetings with other Thai companies. They can even invite other companies to their workplaces to better educate and give examples on how they achieved success. 


All organizations in Thailand, both private and government, are welcome to apply for the Thailand QA. Organizations can start assessment on their own to determine whether their group can qualify for the award. Through self-assessment, organization leaders can identify their strengths and weaknesses and act on it to improve their performance.

Once they think they are eligible for the award, they can file an application to the Office of the Thailand Quality Award or OTQA. The Board of Assessors shall assess the applicant’s qualifications and pass its recommendations to the national committee chosen by the Thai Prime Minister.

QA in Thailand


Winners or not, each applicant will receive a feedback report that will help them identify their areas for improvement and encourage them to do better.



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