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Thailand Prostitution



Thailand Prostitution

Prostitution in Thailand

Thailand prostitution has been prospering even since the old times due to the polygamy institute.

The most known city in this sense is Pattaya but Bangkok can’t be excluded, also. Although, so far, there are no special guides, the interested tourists can find the addresses from the newspaper sellers of even from the banks’ workers. The main destinations are the sex-bars with ‘pussy shows’.

It is not a secret that Thailand is known as a favourite destination for the sexual tourism.

Despite that the prostitution is not legally accepted, nothing stops it from growing and recently estimations show that about 2.8 million persons


(of which only 2 million mature) practice this job in diverse places and under diverse ways: in massage salons, in bars with rooms for fast meetings, in hotels and many other places. An alert sign came from the authorities because the prostitution works hand in hand with the crime. This is the reason why a police special division was created that active in the places visited by tourists with the goal of protecting them. The Thailand sexual tourism has various forms. It’s hard to answer ‘how much?’ The most of the selling things can be negotiated in Thailand. The sex is not an exception. The amounts differ from one girl to another, based on the offered services, on the area where the girl works, on period, and so on.


The girls are not always cheap but not expansive, too. For one night you can pay between 1500 and 2500 baht, which means about $50-70. You can find lower prices ($10 for a ‘fast’ number) but also bigger prices. The market is open, the offer is immense and diversified. The most hypocrite thing about the Thailand prostitution is that it is forbidden by law! In front of the cops, who pretend not to observe, the girls offer themselves without any problems. The beach from the end of the Bangala Street is full of couples walking and admiring the fascinating sea, when the night comes.


On the benches that limit the beach, the girls even sit with their legs spread showing their ‘treasure’, with no shame, in an intense erotic atmosphere. Thailand prostitution and the women trafficking is growing market, comparable toady with the drugs traffic or the gunrunning. This market is supported by the Western men’s fantasies that include sex with other races or after the domination principle, these being ready to spend their money to have, at any hour, any woman they want. The inferior social status, the discrimination of the divorced, widow or rape’s victim women, as well as the precarious material situation, negative aspects that amplified during the socio-economic changes, contribute to the maintaining of this terrible business.

Thailand Prostitution


Next to the Thailand prostitution of the women is the juvenile prostitution, one of the biggest problems of the contemporary society. In some countries like Thailand, the juvenile prostitution is very large, under the form of the ’sexual tourism’.


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