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Thailand Post

Postal System in Thailand uses the Express Mail Service, or what is typically called EMS—


the international express postal service.


As with the usual practice in the EMS, the recipient of a package or a letter is required to sign as acknowledgment receipt.


Thailand people use this mail service for both domestic and international correspondences.


Thailand Post is very well established and organized. It has a good number of offices that are strategically located all over Thailand for efficient and reliable services for customers.


You can easily locate a post office in Thailand Maps. For better functionality, these offices are classified into three: the Mail Center; the Bulk Posting Center; and the Post Offices.

The mail center serves as the sorting and distribution point of all the mails. The bulk posting center on the other hand, serves customers with larger mail volume requirement.


Post in Thailand

Due to the bulk requirement, this office provides customer relations services as well.


Meanwhile, the post office caters to financial, postal and other forms of telecommunication services to customers.


The post office is further divided into six types of offices: the Delivery Post Office; the Non-delivery Post Office; the Delivery Branch; the Branch Post Office; the Mobile Post Office; and the Temporary Post Office.


These post offices usually opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 4:30 p.m. However, there are some offices that do not accept international shipments beyond 3:30 p.m.


They implement this cut-off time to better monitor and calculate delivery time.


So, when sending packages overseas, be sure to bring it to the post office on time.


You can do the actual packing or wrapping at the post office. There is a packing counter in Thailand post offices, and packing materials are also available for sale at very affordable prices. You also have to remember not to seal your packages but just tie it with a string.


Customs will need to check if the content of your package is the same as what is declared in the document slip.


Sealing your package requires higher fees.

For newly relocated residents in Thailand who do not have permanent postal address yet, they can avail of the “poste restante” service of the post office.


Just ask your sender to address it to the post office branch nearest you.

Thailand Post

The post office branch will hold your package for a time until you pick it up. Remind your sender though to print your name legibly to avoid confusion. Packages on hold are listed alphabetically under the names of the recipient.



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