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Thailand Populations



Thailand Populations

Thailand population used to be homogenous until the country became too popular that tourists and overseas workers started migrating and settling down in the beautiful country.

That seems a long time ago. Over the years, a lot of travelers and expats working in Thailand fell in love with the place and made it their second home.

Some even fell in love with Thai women, married them and started a home and a family in this charming country.


So it’s not surprising that now, Thailand population has become so diverse. But still, majority of the people are local Thais. Of the approximated 66,000,000 residents in Thailand, 75% of them are Thai locals;


 13% are Chinese; 8% are Khmers, Mons and a few other hill tribes; 3% are Malays; and the remaining 1% is a mix of foreign nationals. Around 2 million from the total population are migrants, including both legal and illegal. About 32% of the population live in the cities and are employed in white collar jobs.


Thailand Populations

In Bangkok alone, there are approximately 6 million living in the country’s capital city.


Other cities widely inhabited are Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nonthaburi, and Songkhla.


The remaining 68% resides in rural areas with jobs concerning farming and agriculture.


This just suits the country right.


Because even though it is already more than half-way in its transition to being an industrial country, Thailand still depends on its agricultural products.


Thailand may be the 50th largest country in the world, with roughly 513,000 sq km, but it also ranks as the 21st most populous country. So 66,000,000 are still a bit too many even for the world’s 50th largest country.


And at the rate it is going, the United Nations Population Information Network projected Thailand’s population to reach 74 million by year 2050. It sounds alarming if you will think about congestion and pollution.

Despite of the huge population, the country still proves to be very capable at providing for its residents.

Since the rapid economic growth that the country has experienced in 1985 brought by increased rate of tourism and industrialization, businesses in a lot of Thai cities have boomed.

Both urban and some rural areas have been developed into gorgeous tourist spots frequented by expatriates and vacationers. The export business also went up with the influx of investors.

Populations in Thailand


Even the tourists who go for shopping have contributed to the economy because of the bulk purchases of bags, clothes and accessories that they eventually turned into merchandising business back in their home countries.



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