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Thailand Politics



Thailand Politics

In the Thailand politics, the Constitution provides low direct powers for the king but it’s the protector of the Thai Buddhism and a symbol of the national identity and unity.

The actual monarch, Bhumibol Adulyadej, has a great respect from people and moral authority, which is occasionally used in resolving the Thailand politics’ crisis.

The head of govern is the prime minister which is named by the king from the members of the Parliament’s lower house, generally the leader of the party that can organize a majority governmental coalition. The Thai bicameral parliament is the National Assembly which is formed by the House of the Representatives with 500 places and the Senate with 200 places.


 The members of both Houses are chosen in popular vote. The members of the House of the Representatives are chosen for 4 years while the senators for 6 years. The judiciary supreme organ is the Supreme Court whose meetings are established by law. Thailand is active members of the Association of the South-East Asia nations.


Politics in Thailand The politic analysts estimate that in the following years the crisis of the Thailand politics will increase, appearing a risk of a coup d’etat. Thailand will continue to confront with political disturbances for years and with an eventual new coup d’etat. The crisis has been lasting for three years and has known new evolutions yearly. According to the press, the anti-governmental protestants, called the red shirts, are the sustainers of the ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, removed from power in 2006, by the royalist generals, after some accusations of nepotism and corruption. In the opinion of the professor Somchai Phagaphasvivat from the Thammasat University, anyone can take over the power.

The analysts talk about a frustration of the red shirts whose leader-the organiser of the protests- was arrested by the police while no leader of the royal demonstrators, anti-Tsaksin (the yellow shirts), didn’t get under the bars for the 8 days blockade of two airports in Bangkok. According to Michael Nelson, another


analyst and teacher at the Chulalongkorm University, thinks that the Thailand politics is not a public business but a family and factions problem. What the private counsellor of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the servicemen do in the backstage is not destined for the public knowledge, says the same analyst. Despite the controversies that surrounds him, the ex-premier of Thailand – Thaskin Shinawatra- a 59 year old businessman remains popular around the population’s underprivileged sections especially in the rural areas from the Thailand’s North. Thitinan Pongsudhirak, analyst at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok says that today, Thailand can expect to a total repression that will galvanize the red shirts.

Thailand Politics


The expert also says that after that anything can happen and the possibility of a national revolt is not excluded. In 2008, the Thailand’s Constitutional Court decided that the premier Samak Sundaravej had to resign in one month because his activity got in contradiction with the State’s constitution. The premier was accused of performing services for an employer and took money for his work.



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