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Thailand Pictures



Thailand Pictures

Thailand is probably one of the most featured and frequently pictured tourist destinations in Asia.

The country abounds with numerous picturesque sceneries, an endless list of beautiful tourist spots. Tourists from all over the globe can’t seem to get enough pictures in a single vacation that they just keep on coming back for more.

Of course, it is impossible to capture all the beauties of Thailand in a single short trip.


Thailand is no small country. It has an area of 513, 115 sq. km., split into four regions: Central, South, North and Northeast. Now, to give you an idea what are the best features of Thailand to capture in your camera, here are a few suggestions of picture-perfect spots to include in your vacation itinerary.


If you fancy capturing city-life scenarios, you can prowl around Bangkok also known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or “City of Angels”. Bangkok is maybe the most frequented city in Thailand. Here you can witness and capture the "Loy Krathong Festival" every November.


Thailand Pictures

For local street photography, you can go to Chatuchak, or JJ, Market on a weekend, when the place swarms with people in a flea market.


For culture and history picture subjects, there’s The Grand Palace and The Temple of the Dawn.


If nature pictures are what you are after, you can go up north where you will find wild creatures and exotic birds living in the mountains’ lush forests. You will also find here “The Rose of the North, which is Chiang Mai; and the Golden Triangle area, which is the point of convergence of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. 


There are also minority tribes up north and you may find it interesting to document their simple way of life. There is nothing to worry as these people are friendly and always welcomes visitors with a smile.


For tropical pleasures, travel down south where you will find the beautiful beaches, including the shooting location of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie – “the Beach.” You may also want to document the Full Moon Party in pictures. This famous spectacle happens in Pha-ngan Island every full moon. Here, you will be able to see the color and richness of Thai culture.


Anywhere in Thailand you decide to go, be sure to capture temples and other historic edifices because Thai architecture is very exquisite. I am sure you must be overwhelmed by now with the many prospective itinerary stops you want to make and pictures you want to take in Thailand.

Pictures in Thailand


It is a blessing that nowadays digital cameras and tiny memory cards come in affordable and handy. It makes taking lots and lots of pictures in Thailand so much easier. Just don’t forget to bring your camera with huge memory capacity, charger and extra batteries!



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