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Thailand Photo

After you visit the land of smiles, you can return home with an infinite number of Thailand photos.

You can start with the rural area around Bangkok where you can see the biggest floating market - ~Damnoen Saduak. Coming back in Bangkok you can take some Thailand photos with the biggest pagoda in Thailand:


Pra Pathom Chedi. It is one of the most important Thai places of worship and in November is the host of a festival with the participation of numerous locals and Buddhist monks from all over the country.

You can visit the China Town where you can see the Golden Temple of Buddha or you can visit the Bangrak Market to see how many of the locals live and where the ordinary Thais do their shopping.


A visit at Wat Saket and at the Golden Mountain it is also a pleasure, especially for the beautiful view from the mountain. Imagine how many wonderful Thailand photos you can take here! A great place for your photos is the famous night town PAtpong where you can walk in the night market and admire the atmosphere of the most animated district of Bangkok.


Photos in Thailand

The transfer is made with the traditional transportation from the Thailand’s capital: tuk-tuk. This is a vehicle used by locals as taxi, looking like a scooter.

In Sukhotai, the place where the Thai language and alphabet has their origins, some beautiful Thailand photos can be taken in the Natural Park and the Historic Park.

There are also the Wat Mahathat Temple, the biggest temple in Sukhothai, Wat Sa Si and Wat Si Chum. In the National Park Sri Satchanalai, you can spend a memorable afternoon among the ruins of the old town.

Maybe the most of the Thailand photos can be taken in Bangkok, starting with the Wat Phra Kaew – the Emerald Buddha Temple, the Funerals room, the Royal


Reception room and the Royal Pantheon and continuing with a visit at Wat Pho, the biggest and oldest temple in town. Don’t miss the biggest statue of Buddha lain down, one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand.


Crossing the Chao Praya River you will get to the Wat Arun Temple where you can reach the top to admire the wonderful view to the Big Palace and the Praya River and, of course, to take some other awesome Thailand photos.


From here take a boat for a cruise on the Chao Praya River though Thonburi, the third capital of Thailand, just a district of Bangkok now.


Admire the traditional way of life of the Thais, far away from the modern buildings of Bangkok.

See the lacustrine homes from the channels, the Buddhist temples from the river’s shore, the locals who spend their whole life on this river’s channels.

Thailand Photos


You also can see one of the most impressive shows in the world: the Siam Niramot Show, where you can take others excellent Thailand photos. This show takes place on the biggest stage in the world.



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