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Thailand People



Thailand People

The Thailand people are originating in the Junan province situated between Vietnam, Tibet and Burma which belongs to China, today.

In the 8th century, the Thailand people moved on the hills and the mountains of the present territory of Thailand. Today, there are around 60 million people in Thailand, 7 million living in Bangkok.


The Thais from the country’s South are related to the Malays and the ones from North to the Burmese people and to Chinese. The rest of 25% is represented by Indians, Chinese, Malays, Mon, Khmer and Karen.


According to the statistics, the Thailand people are welcoming and warm, no matter the regions.


This fact can be seen by anyone who visits this country also called the ‘land of smiles’. The tourists can see smiling people all over the place here! Thailand people are known for their hospitality and for the friendly way in which they welcome and treat the tourists, and this is why even if they don’t speak or understand English, will find a way to communicate with you.


Thailand People

The locals are very delighted to see that the tourists are interested in their language, spicy food, heritage and customs.


When you speak about the Thailand people we also have to mention their fantastic sense of humour. Beside being smiling and friendly all the time, the Thais seem to have the fun (sanuk) as the centre of their life.


If something is not fun then maybe it’s not worthy. So you can say that the Thais are mix of a hearty chuckle and light spirit. One important think about the Thailand people is that they are very religious, the Buddhism playing for the most of them an important role in their existence.


Harmony is family, society and in relationships is given by the traditional values and by Buddhism. One Thai address to other with the first name, no matter if is a neighbour or even a governor. ‘Khun’ is a word that is used in the formal communication, like ‘Mrs’ and ‘Mr’. Among the Thailand people’s names you will


find Porn (meaning Blessing), Boon (Good Deeds), Arun (Dawn) and Som (Fulfilment). Public image is very important for the Thailand people, their strong believe in the saving face concept being a fact.

Instead of doing something that may embarrass other persons or themselves the Thais prefer to do anything possible to avoid the confrontations.

If the situation is not sanuk, why even bother, remember? The one who wants to be a perfect face saver has to avoid bringing negative subjects in a conversation or talking in an aggressive, judgemental or argumentative way. In the land of smiles, to lose your temper or raise your voice is not at all something constructive.

People in Thailand


You will be ignored and all the persons involved will loose the face. The saving face is the well-known Thai smile’s source, the easier way to get over any situation. Thai people are used to smile in the face of misfortune.



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