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Thailand Orchids



Thailand Orchids


Thailand orchid has a long history in the country’s trade, being exported in large quantities. About 45% of Thailand orchids are sent outside the country and the rest is sent to the domestic market. Thailand offers the natural habit for many orchid species but the exotic materials were introduced in 1913 by a foreign person. Prince Krompranakornsawan-

vorapinit transformed his hobby for orchids into commercial interests. Rapee Sagarik is the one who formed the Thailand orchid society, in 1957, under the royal patronage. The work and the propagation of the orchids started at the Chulalongkorn University in 1967.


Thailand is known as the land of the orchids because the typical plant of this country is the orchid. There are about 1300 orchid species growing in Thailand. You can meet them about everywhere. They grow especially in South and in the high regions from North. You can find here the wonderful white, purple, pink, dark red and yellow flowers.


Some inflorescences are very delicate, others are strong, some will be plate, other sharp – you will see all kind of orchids in Thailand, impossible to forget! Thailand orchid is very important for export. Today, its export reaches about $50 million yearly.

The flowers are exported especially to USA and Japan. More, almost each tourist imports this flower from Thailand. The cut flowers are everywhere around you – in markets and flowers shops. You will see them prepared in wrappers for gifts or in carton boxes for storekeepers, in bouquets of few orchids or hundreds.

If you don’t want to get in conflict with the law, remember that is forbidden to pick orchids by yourself from nature. For the ones who love plants, Thailand is the heaven on Earth.


The production of cut orchids or as hybrids in flowerpots represents an important part of the Thailand’s economy, respectively an important export item. The local companies are famous for the cultivated flowers’ quality and the Americans as well as the Europeans buy seedlings from here to cultivate them alone and to sell them to their clients.


At Bangkok, in the city’s market you will find thousands of flowers but especially orchids. A few streets, on the Chaopraja River’s shores, are practically flooded by so many flowers that you haven’t seen at any botany garden.


You can buy small bouquets, at kilo for the daily decoration of the house but also wonderful bouquets and floral arrangements for exterior or special occasions. Thousands of people from Bangkok live from the business with flowers.

At the orchids market you will find roses, tulips and lotuses but the main flowers are the orchids. Today, they grow not only in the forest but also they are cultivated in special farms for orchids.

Thailand Orchids


At the flowers market, the shapes and the colours offer a view that can be admired again and again. During your visits to Thailand, don’t forget to visit some places in which orchid farms are present, such as the Nong Nooch village (tropical garden with orchids, elephants and Thai culture).



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