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Thailand Newspaper

There are many Thailand newspapers, not only in Thai but in English, German and Russian, also. In Bangkok you can read the Asian Tribune, the Bangkok Post and the Bangkok Daily, the World Today, and the Siamturakjj.

If you want to read something in Pattaya, there are the Pattaya Mail, Pattaya Daily News, Pattaya Blat, Pattaya Today Newspaper and Pattaya People Weekly.

Hua Hin has three newspapers: Hua Hin Report, Hua Hin News and Hua Hin Today. Other Thailand newspapers are: Daily News, the Nation, Business Today, Thailand News, Manager Online, The Korat Post, Daily Express, Thairath Daily, the Thansettakjj Newspaper, Chiangmai Mail, Phyakrut, Farang Pai Nai and


Five newspapers can be red in Phuket: Phuket Gazette, Bonjour Siam, Phuket Walk, Phuket Aktuell and Phuket Post. The Asian Tribune had a shy debut in Bangkok and was founded by a journalist from Sri Lanka, KT Rajasingham. At one moment, the founder went to Sweden and the so did the newspaper.


Newspapers in Thailand

Today, the Asian Tribute is brought by WIAS (the World Institute for Asian Studies) with the purpose of bringing the Asia’s nations closer by a better understanding of the local problems.


The news brought by the Asian Tribune aim to respect the highest standards of the international media. The authors say that the newspaper’s articles attracted the attention of readers not only from Asia but also from America and Europe.


They say that their public is made of students, house wives as well as of academics, law makers, prime ministers, chief executives and even presidents.


The Bangkok Post is a Thai newspaper, written in English and with daily numbers; it has the longest history in the Thailand’s press existence. The decisions markers with a high education as well as the top executives and officials of the government are the target of the Bangkok Post. The newspaper wants to be an important opinion marker in Thailand and gives a high attention to the reports that are neutral, correct and trustworthy.


They correct the eventually mistakes fast and promptly, being responsible to the readers and also to the sources that will quote the newspaper in the future. The first issue of the Bangkok Post was released on August 1, 1946, by a group of Thai and American journalists.

If at that time the newspaper had 4 pages, today it has 60 pages daily. The first newspaper launched in Pattaya, in English, is the Pattaya Mail, a weekly newspaper. It also can be red in the Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard. The first issue appeared on July 23, 1993. Since its beginnings, the newspaper’s aim has been to represent the Thai region in a fair way through truth.

Thailand Newspaper


The Pattaya Mail’s public grew since 1993, especially after its debut in the Eastern Seaboard and in other areas of Thailand. Each issue of the newspaper covers topics from various fields, from local administration problems to crimes and issues regarding the government, sports, social problems from Pattaya and the entire Eastern Seaboard.



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