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Thailand News

Among the Thailand news is the problem regarding the red shirts. The effects of the blockade imposed by the army in the anti-governmental protestants’ camp, in Bangkok, begins to be felt. The majority of the women and children left the camp from Rajaprasong. The king asked the government, again, to reject the call made by the red shirts, who asked for discussions mediated by ONU.

The ‘red’ camp from Rajaprasong, the commercial district remained after population after the women and the children packed their things.


They took refuge in a Buddhist pagoda from neighboring or took advantage of the buses provided by the non-governmental organizations to go in province.


The blockade imposed to the camp proved to be efficient; an essential thing because in this way it stopped the access of the persons that wanted to support the demonstrators. Many of those remained in Rajaprasong are young people willing to fight or guardians with experience in army. What may seem a military victory of the Government is actually a victory with massive losses and costs. The account of the last days is serious and the most of the victims are civilians.


Thailand News

The premier Abhisit Veijajiva accuses the ‘terrorists’ that they are responsible for a part of the violence. Many grenades were thrown towards the policemen.


The perception of the Thais is that of a fight between David and Goliath.


The big number of victims seriously affects the Government’s image. Other Thailand news had as subject an International Miss Queen conquest that took place in 2009, in Thailand.


The event, at its 5th edition, took place in a touristic resort placed at 150 kilometers of Bangkok.


50 aspirants to the miss tiara enrolled in competition but only 18 were selected for the final show from Pattaya. Judging after the attractive appearances, few would realize that this conquest is exclusively intended for the transsexuals and the travesties. After more probes among which was the one of the evening dresses, bath suits and artistic aptitudes, the jury deliberated.


The winner of this edition of the International Miss Queen was chosen Haruna Ai from Japan who won the tiara and a substantial check of $10.000. The event took place is a cabaret theatre and the present people, locals and tourists enjoyed a special show before the conquest itself.

The Thai cars industry is another subject of the news; this industry has continuously grown in the last years. Thailand attracted all the big automobiles producers of the world which established assembly and production lines, pieces for change, and announced future investments in this sector. 1.4 millions of cars were produced in

News in Thailand


Thailand in 2008 but the potential is of at least 1.8 million. From these, about 776.000 were exported in about 138 countries in 2008. Thailand is the biggest producer of auto-utilities of 1 tone and is on the 7 place in the world as exporter of automobiles. Many auto constructors consider Thailand not only an auto producer but also the first location for researching-development in this specific area.



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