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Thailand Music

The geographic position of Thailand, situated at the India and China intersection, is reflected in the Thailand music also.


There are various musical instruments in this country reflecting the old influences of Persia in khim and in klong thap, of India in jakhe, of China in klong jin and of Indonesia in klong kaek.


Beginning with 1257 the Thai culture started to be distinctive, the Sukhothai kingdom being created.

During that period, the music played an important role in the people’s life.


It seems that the Thailand classical music appeared in the Ayuthaya period.


Thailand was never involved in the colonisation process but the modern forms of European, American and Asian music, like the pop music, have many influences. Mor lam and luk thung are the most known popular styles of the traditional Thailand music. The first mentioned style has similarities with the Laos music. Pleng Iuk Thung is the Thailand country music appeared in the’ 50s as a reflection of the rural Thais’ tribulations and trails.


Thailand Music The first stars of this style were Suraphon Sombathalern and Ponsri Woranut; they brought influences from Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and Latin America.

Numerous known pleng luk thung musicians are from Suphanburi, such as Pompuang Duanjan; she adapted the Thai country music to the pop music and the string of the ‘80s making the electronic luk thung style, just perfect for dancing.

Pompuang Duanjan died in 1992 and many observers thought that once with her death the luk thung style will disappear.


But the style persisted and once with the launch of the first radio station dedicated to the luk thung, in 1997, this music style revived in big way. Today, Koh Samui is the best place if you want to listen to some modern Thai music.There are numerous places where you can enjoy different music styles. In bars, there are concerts with jazz and rock music, you just have to decide where to enter first. You will be impressed not only by the variety of the places but also by the variety of the bands performing.


They are very talented and their goal is to make you dance all night long. This will be an experience you will remember for many years and will share with your friends. Samui is a place for karaoke, where you can show everybody how good you are at imitating different singers. In Samui you are free to be as romantic as possible together with your partner, because you can listen and dance to some of the most beautiful blues songs. The singers are pros who can make you dance, cry or laugh; or to just sit down and really enjoy their performances. Jazz musicians of the place are so good because they improved their concerts through many horns, guitarists, pianists, bass and

Music in Thailand


drummer players. So, if you plan a trip to Koh Samui, there are a lot of clubs and other places with live Thai music waiting for you to enjoy it!



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