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Thailand Movies

Thailand movies are very appreciated over the world; for example, the Thai movie Oncle Boonmee celui qui se souvient de ses vies antérieures, directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, received the Palme d’Or trophy, a fact that enrage a part of the critics and gladden the others.


The French press said that the Oncle Boonmee is a trophy of the boredom, the Thai movie’s trip being described as hallucinating, boring and incomprehensible. Instead, the British newspapers wrote that the winning movie is lyric and beautiful. The movie, which passes from an ordinary dinner to conversations with phantoms and to a memorable meeting between a fish and a defaced princess, is special.


The president of the Cannes festival, Tim Burton said that he chose Weerasethakul, who almost couldn’t come to Cannes because of the tensioned situation from his country, because he is so close to the mainstream cinematography and the Cannes festival is proud that it discovers movies that, otherwise, will not be discovered by public.


Movies in Thailand

Burton also said that the movies become more and more in the Hollywood style and at this movie he looked from another perspective. Another Thailand movie, ‘Mundane history’, by Anocha Suwichakornpong, won the Romanian Transylvania trophy of 10.000 euro. The movie presents the details from the everyday life of Ake, a young man bedridden after an accident paralyses his legs. The award was handed to the movie’s director by the Romanian Culture Minster. After the coming back to the fore of Tony Jaa with Ong Bak 2, maybe the most


expected Thailand movie in 2009 was Power Kids. What is the secret of this movie’s success? The extremely captivating script, the fight scenes that amaze anybody, especially because some kids are the protagonists of the scenes but also the natural and full of perspective acting of a new generation of kid-actors about who, we will hear in the future movies.

And, of course, because the movie is produced by the same producer who was behind some international successes such as Chocolate and Ong Bak, the most successful Thailand movies of all times. It is a movie of a four months work, before the premiere, in March 2009. One of the problems with which the team confronted was the age of the protagonists who are evidently older in the end of the movie that they were at its beginning. In Thai, the movies is called in the free translation ‘Five heroes after one heart’; is not a metaphor, as many would may think, but a true heart that becomes the element around which the script was written. Partially,

Thailand Movies


the movie was inspired by some real events happened in a Thai province, where with few years ago hospital was attacked and captured by a rebel group. The contribution of the kids-actors is very important to remember; the children learned martial arts and did some of the extremely spectacular scenes without a stunt.



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