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Thailand Mountains



Thailand Mountains

Phu Khao Ok Thalu represents some of the Thailand’s mountains; they are also called Khao Ok Talu and are located in the Phatthalung Province. The mountains are located in the Phatthalung railway station’s East. You can get to these mountains through the N-4047 highway, from Wat Khuha Sawan.


There are some stairs that will lead you to the top of the mountains where a Buddhist shrine that overlooks the Phatthalung city.


The mountains’ name comes from the hole that is situated close to top. The shape of Khao Ok Thalu is unusual, can be seen clearly from far away and it has a symbolic significance in the city.


Other Thailand mountains are the Doi Nang Non Mountains, also known as the ‘Mountains of the sleeping lady’; they are located in the Chiang Rai province, have many caves and waterfalls and their formation is karstic. The legend says that a very beautiful young lady lived in this area; her husband went and didn’t come back in time. Waiting for him, the beautiful wife started to worry for him and thinking that her men may be lost, she went to search for her husband.


Thailand Mountains

After looking for him days and days through forests and fields all over the region she didn’t find him. At one point the lady couldn’t walk anymore. Falling down on her back from exhausting, she looked at the sky crying with her heart broken and full of despair.


From all the pain, the young lady died. The legend also says that after the woman died, her ghost grew reaching huge sizes; the earth covered the ghost and it took the shape of a sleeping lady looking to the skies. You can see the ‘sleeping lady’ in all its splendour at Amphoe Mae Chan, in the Mae Chan district. There is also a joke of the local


guides that the Doi Nang Non Mountains would be the world’s highest mountains if the lady would get up on feet. Inside these mountains are water courses and caves on hills that represent tourist attractions.


For example, the Tum Luang cave has many stalagmites and stalactites; the long cave has also braches going on for kilometres. The natural pond Khun Naam Naang Non with water flowing from the rocks; the legend says that this water are the lady ghost’s tears.

Doi Inthanon are the highest Thailand mountains also known as Doi Ang Ka (the pond top of the crow) or as Doi Luang (the big mountain). The first name comes from the fact that there was a pond close to the base of the mountains, where numerous crows used to gather. The mountains’ name was given to honour one of the Chiang Mai’s last kings, Inthawichayanon, who cared very

Mountains in Thailand


much about the forests and did many efforts to preserve them. The king even ordered to have his remains placed at the Doi Luang Mountains and so the mountains were renamed after his death.



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