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Thailand Monsoon Season



Thailand Monsoon Season

Mausim is the Arabic word from where the monsoon word comes and means season. The Thailand monsoon is a seasonal wind reversal. You may think that the rain causes the monsoon but is the wind which products the rain.


Six months of the years are visited by the wind coming from one direction and the other six months by the wind coming from the opposite direction.


Beginning with the middle of April till October and November, the wind comes from the South-West; in the rest of the year the wind’s direction is North-East.

In the summer season the rains come on the Tarutao, Phuket, Trang and


Krabi regions. During the same season, regions as Ko Tao, Ko Samui, Ko Chang and Ko Pang Ngan, are drier. November is the month when the wind’s direction changes and the season also changes. On the Malay Peninsula’s Eastern part, the tourists come from November till April. During this period, on the Thailand Gulf the tourism season is low.


Thailand Monsoon Season To be protected from the Thailand monsoon in the summer, you can visit Khao Sok or Phang Nga Bay. The weather in the North of the country is not the same as the one from South. Considering the climate conditions, Thailand can be divided in two principal regions: South and North. In South are only two seasons while in North are three seasons. In North, from November till June is a dry weather and the rain’s season is from June to November. More, the dry season has also two parts: cool breezes from November till February and hot weather from March till June. In South of the country, there are also dry and wet seasons.

The seasons’ timing is not the same on the East and the West coast. Storms and rains come on the West coast from April till October and on the East coast from September till December. All over Thailand is very dry and hot from March till June, there can be even 40 Celsius and from July to October is the rain and the monsoon season. It doesn’t matter that you must avoid the Thailand monsoon season and not spend a vacation in this period.


There are advantages of going on trip in this season such as cooler weather, lower accommodation rates and fewer tourists in hotels and on streets. The monsoons have effects on the Thailand’s economy. The country’s central region plays the most important role in the Thai economy. Huge agricultural products quantities are produced here, for export but also for the domestic consumption. A principal factor for the production is the Chao Phraya River that passes through the central part of the country. The river can be flooded by the monsoon rainfalls and the damages can be big for Thais. The population stress on the basin of the Chao Phraya River increased and 

Monsoon Season Thailand


this had as result problems of the water’s quality and quantity. This is why the effective management and planning of water resources are required.



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