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Thailand Mission Hospital



Thailand Mission Hospital

With 24 bassinets and 200 beds, Thailand Adventist Hospital is also known by Thais as the Thailand Mission Hospital. The general hospital is in Bangkok, is operated and also owned by Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Christian Medical foundation.


The Thailand Mission Hospital is part of the Adventist healthcare network and one of the Thailand’s private hospitals that got the hospital accreditation.


A sailor, Thomas Hall, founded the hospital in 1937, and it was operated by Nai Pleng Vitiamyalaksna, Doctor Ralph Waddell and his wife and by the pastor Kon Vuileong.


30 beds were added in 1940 and the hospital was known as Annex. After the World War II started in the South-East of Asia, Annex was closed, the missionaries living Thailand. A part of the hospital continued to operate with Nai Pleng, Doctor S. Bene – a physician from Romania and a medical assistant. The missionaries returned in 1946 when the hospital became the Bangkok Sanatorium and Hospital.


Mission Hospital Thailand

The next year the Adventist Hospital School of Nursing was opened in Bangkok.

A Science Bachelor in Nursing was accredited in 1986 and after one year the Mission College was formed of the nursing school and the SAUC (the South-East Asia Union College.


The Ministry of University Affairs accredited the Mission College in 1994 and the Royal Thai Government offered the Mission the university status in August 2008, the same year when it was renamed as the AIP (the Asia-Pacific International University).


The campus of the AIP hospital includes dormitory, library and classroom as well as clinical nursing services inside the hospital. In 1958 the Nursing school and the Midwifery School has their officially opening while the beds’ number was of 180. The Bangkok Adventist Hospital name was adopted in 1973 and the Ralph Waddell wing was added 10 years later. More, a new building – Pleng Vitiamalaksna – was opened at the facility’s 50th   anniversary, offering beds for Pediatrics and Obstretics as well as auxiliary services. Mission Helth Promotion was launched in 1990 with a capacity of 60 beds, in the Saraburi Province.


Only in 2003 the hospital treated about 180.000 patients and received around 6000 outpatients. Now, the Thailand Mission Hospital has 90 medical personal and 410 employees. Not only the Thailand Mission Hospital treats and accommodates patients but it also has a mobile clinic with an x-ray unit very used in diverse charitable medical acts. ‘Come feel the difference’ is Thailand’s Mission Hospital’s slogan.

They refer to the difference in good, food, equipment, services, physicians’ qualification, spiritual atmosphere.

‘To share the love of God through innovative healthcare’s delivery’ is the declared mission of the hospital.

Thailand Mission Hospital


Among the services offered by the Thailand Mission Hospital are: surgery, dental, radiology, acupuncture, internal medicine, emergency, allergy, imaging service, pastoral care, skin and beauty, asthma service, cancer care, pharmaceutical, cardiopulmonary, ear, throat and nose, diabetes, home care, obstetrics and gynecology, laboratory, neurology, special procedures, children services, cosmetic surgery, nephrology, men’s health, orthopaedics, occupational medicine, family practice, ophthalmology, rehabilitation service, gastrointestinal care and skilled nursing care.



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