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Thailand Military



Thailand Military

The Thailand military’s name is the Royal Thai Armed Forces and it has the branches:


Royal Thai Air Force, Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Navy (with the Royal Thai Marine Corps) and other paramilitary forces.


The Thailand military was created in 1852, to serve the King Mongkut in his fight against the West and its colonization attempts.


The permanent military command was established during the King Chulalongkorn’s reign, in the Kalahom Department.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces has around 300.000 personnel now.


His Majesty King Rama IX (Bhumibol Adulyadej) is the head of the Thai military, a nominal position. The Thai Ministry of Defence manages the Armed Forces; the ministry’s header is the Minister of Defence who is also a Cabinet of Thailand’s member). The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters is the commandant of the Thai military. All the Thai citizens have the duty to serve in the Armed Forces, according to the Thailand’s constitution. The men over 21 years old without reserve training are chosen for a 24 months service and the volunteers will follow the 18 months service.


Military in Thailand

On January 18th is the day of the Royal Thai Armed Forces, when the King Naresuan The Great’ s victory against the Burma’s Vice King (in 1593) is commemorated.


The main role of the Thai military is to protect the Thailand’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.


The military also has to defence the monarchy and the aristocracy of Thailand against any domestic and foreign threats. More, the military has to ensure the public order and to participate to social programs of development.


They also assist the drug control and the national disasters’ victims. The role of the Royal Thai Armed Forces has been increasing lately as the military provided peacekeeping forces for the UN (the United Nations), participated in the INTERFET (International Force For East Timor) for 3 years (1999-2002) and in missions in Iraq with 423 personnel for one year (2003-2004). Among the weapons of the Thai military are: 127 patrol boats, 1072 self-propelled artillery, 282 military helicopters, 17 warships,


381 main battle tanks of high quality, one aircraft carrier battery, 6 FAC-Ms (Fast Attack Craft-Missile), 114 transport warplanes, 460 medium and low quality tanks, 56 training warplanes, 171 combat warplanes, 1233 LCVs, ARVs, IFVs and APCs. The conflicts in which the Thai military was involved were internal, regional and global. In 1839 the military was involved in the Franco-Siamese War. Between 1917 and 1918 the army participated in the World War I, when the Thai military had the honour to march under the Arc de Triumph, in Paris, in the victory parade. Between the two world wars, the military fight in the Franco-Thai war (1940-1941). 

Thailand Military


After the participation in the World War II, the Thailand military was involved in the Korean War, with about 1300 men, one air transport unit and four naval vessels. The other implications were in the: Vietnam War, Communist Insurgency, Vietnamese border raids, Thai-Laotian border war, East Timor, Iraq War and Southern Insurgency.



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