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Thailand Massage



Thailand Massage

Thailand massage has its roots in India and has nothing to do with the half naked massage girls, with eroticism, but with intense stretching techniques and intense massage being based on Ayurveda (the science of life, kind of traditional, alternative medicine) and yoga.


This technique implies the person to not stay lain down like in other types of massage but to execute yoga positions with the help of the massage girl which uses her knees, hands, legs to use the client to do the moves without effort.


Other variant of Thailand massage is to replace the yoga positions with a kind of acupuncture but without using the needles.


The massage can last between 60 and 120 minutes and is done on the floor, on a thin mattress. No oils are used so the person is permanently dressed in easy clothes. The Thailand massage is known all over the world. Thousands of people try daily the effects of the massages that hide a history of thousands of years and a very complex schooling.


Thailand Massage

Initially, the massages were being done only to the members of the royal family and took place only in the Buddhist places of worship.

Djivaka Khumer Bakka was the one who created the massages and started to use them.


Since the Buddhist worship places were education centres for hundreds of years, the Buddhist monks had to know the secrets of the Thai massages.

In what the mysterious charm of the Thai massage effects consists? The principle goes from the influencing the so called invisible meridians of the human body.


The human body hides ten energetic meridians whose stimulation contributes to the whole body’s treatment. The stimulation is done through exercitations of pressures in certain places of the body. In this way, the energetic flux is sustained and easily the blocked places are released, which are responsible for the pains and the weakness of the human body.


The Thailand massage, lavishly actions upon the lymphatic system and the circulator blood system, driving away the joints pains and the muscular ones.

During the Thai massage you will feel a total relaxation and a sensation of releasing of the entire body.

It is thought that the Thai massage has an age of 2000 years.

This massage is an authentic method of recovery and a unique method of therapy of the body developed by people that use the massage not only as therapeutic method of recovery but also for those who want to keep their health.

It is a combination of stretching, yoga and meditation.

Massage in Thailand


Also, the massage includes moving exercises and reflexology. The Thailand massage is done by pressing some points and by stretching the muscles. And the body’s tension is eliminated not only with the hands but also with the feet and the elbows. Some of the multiple benefits of the Thai massage are: the improving of the breathing, the improving of the athletic performances, helps at the back pains calming, reduces the stress and the anxiety, detoxifies the organism and grows the immune system.



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