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Thailand Mail

The history of the Thailand mail starts in 1880, with a letter sent by Chao Muen Samuhjairaj to king Rama V in which he asked him to open a post office in Thailand.

The king said yes to the idea and proposed His Royal Highness Somdetch Phra Chao Nong Ya Tho Chao Fa Bhanurangsi Swangwong Krom Luang Bhanuphandhuwong Wordej to be the Post Departament’s director-general.

His Highness had experience in the Khow Ratchakarn’s distribution, a newspaper whose title means ‘public service news’.


The opening of the post office was well prepared and planned; His Royal Highness Bhanurangsi Swangwong inaugurated the postal services on August the 4 th , 1883, by accepting books and letters in Thonburi and Phranakorn. The post office was in a big building situated by the Chaophraya River and was called Praisaneeyakarn, which means the postal building. Among the Thailand mail services are:


Mail in Thailand

cash services, post services, philatelic services, post products and pay at post services. With the post services you can send letters, postcards small packets, aerogramme, printed papersin books, pictures or messages form and printed matters for the blind people.


There is also the Express Mail Service through which the mail is delivered speedily. With the post product services you can buy bubble envelopes, ready-made cartons in different shapes and sizes, post boxes in various sizes and styles for your correspondence, envelopes and air bubble films.


The specially service offers the possibility of sending insured mail, registered mail, certified mail, express delivery, advice of delivery and business reply service.At the Thailand mail you can send money by Western Union, postal money order, telegraph money order, and EMS money order. The money can be sent with postal money order all over Thailand and in other 21 countries; the recipients will receive the money in 1-3 days (inside the country) and in 3-10 days outside the country.


If you want the money to be received urgently, the telegraph money order is the perfect choice. In this case, the recipient will have the money in 24 hours inside Thailand and in 1-2 days in other 6 countries.


Pay at post service help the Thais to pay the bills for telephone, electricity, water, loans, credit cards, the fees for the embassies visas, annual car taxes, fines and other.


For the collectors and not only, the Thailand mail’s philatelic has special stamps, commemorative stamps, stamps for regular use, annual stamp album, souvenir sheets, presentation packs and more.

Thailand Mail


There is an entire web page dedicated to stamps where you can see a big number of stamps, collections and sheets. There are stamps with King Bhumibol Adulyadej, with the King Taksin statue, King Chulalongkorn, with the Thai architecture, with the national flower-the orchid, with birds, fish, butterflies, elephants, national museums, Thai beaches, temples, flag and more, for the joy of the stamps lovers. Thailand mail develops many projects and one of them is the one through which the people will be able to buy lottery tickets from any Thai post office.



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