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Thailand Lottery



Thailand Lottery

Thailand Lottery

Thailand lottery is the only gambling kind that is allowed to play in Thailand and the Thais are very interested in the game.

There are many differences between this game and the Western variants.

While in other countries the electronic system is used in organizing the lottery tickets, in Thailand lottery the paper-based material is still used.

The tickets can be bought from agents who also have them form retailers.

The standard price for a Thailand ticket is 80 baht.


The tickets are drawn on the first and the 16 th day of each month. Every ticket has two parts, they are sold in pairs, so you can not buy one part only.


When buying the ticket to the Thailand lottery you have to choose six single digits.


The Thai national television broadcasts the numbers drawn and there about 20 drawn on every edition.


The prizes of the Thailand lottery are: 1 number – 2 million baht, 5 numbers – 100000 baht, 10 numbers - 40000 baht, 50 numbers – 20000 baht and 100 numbers – 10000 baht.


There is also the bonus prize: 2 numbers – 50000 baht, for those participants who have the first five numbers correct but the last was incorrect by one number below or above


(if you have the last number 3 you win the prize if it’s 2 or 4).


You can recognise a fake lottery ticket by the different paper and colour and by the lack of the watermark.


The winner of a Thailand lottery prize has to go to the Government Lottery Office to receive the cheque.


But if the prize is under 20.000 baht, it can be taken from the local agent, in cash.


For one hundred baht the tax is 0.5 baht and you take the prize from the local agent, the tax is 2 baht for 100 baht.


There is also a cheaper variant of lottery ticket with three prices: 20, 50 and 100 baht.


The visitors should dare to try the Thailand lottery because the chances to win are bigger than at

Lottery Thailand


the American and European lotteries; it’s also true that the prizes are smaller.



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