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Thailand Location



Thailand Location

Thailand location makes from this country the South East Asia’s geographical heart. Thailand’s border with Burma and Laos make the golden triangle.


The Thai border with Laos goes to West and South, much of the Malay Peninsula being occupied by Thailand.

The Gulf of Thailand is in South. With almost the size of France, 150.000 square miles, Thailand has 4 principal regions.


The North is a mountainous area with many temples and ruins, with Doi Inthanon, the highest peak in the country and with the ancient city Chiang Mai.


There are also the Thailand hill tribes, some ethnic groups that settled here with thousands of years ago, after they came from Central China and Tibet. The Korat Plateau is occupied by the Thailand’s North East and is semi arid which makes from this region a least visited one.  The Korat culture is characterised by the Khmer, Lao and Thai influences. The Chao Phraya River is situated in the Central Thailand, surrounded by a region with fertile plains.


Location Thailand

This is the most populous area of the country and the rice basket of it. The Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is situated along the Chao Phraya’s banks, close to the Gulf of Thailand.


The country’s Southern region, stretching along the Malay Peninsula, has amazing beaches and tropical islands. A South East Asian kingdom, Thailand is a Buddhist country and is equidistant between two countries: India and China. The outsiders knew Thailand as Siam for centuries and the country has been a South East Asian religious, migratory and cultural crossroads.


Thailand has a population of about 57 million people and has Myanmar as neighbour in West and in North, Malaysia in South, Kampuchea in West, and Laos in North East.There are 6 important regions in Thailand: the full of mountains North with fertile valleys, with the highest peak in Thailand, of 8415 feet (2565 metres) Doi Inthanon; the mountains are parallel with the mountains from North South. The principal rivers here are: Nan, Wang, Ping and Yom, the main Chao Phraya’s tributaries.


Here, the elephants work in the forests and fruits like peaches and strawberries are cultivated in winter when the temperatures are cool enough to allow this. The Western full of valleys and mountains is a region with saw-tooth mountains, just proper for the hydro-electric power’s development.

The North-East plateau has the large Mekong River as border; it is the place where the oldest Bronze Age civilisation appeared about 5.000 years ago. This region occupies the Khorat Plateau, a semi-arid one that suffered deforestations. The South is peninsular with fishing, rubber cultivation and mining as activities vital for economy.

Thailand Location


There are also wonderful fine beaches on the long coastline and tropical rainforests. The centre of Thailand is plain, being one of the most fertile areas for fruits and rice in the world. The centre also comprises the main waterway of Thailand, the Chao Phraya River’s flood plain. The coastal plain from East is the place of the fine beaches and of the summer resorts.



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