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Thailand Leader

Thailand leader, Abhisit Vejjajiva, is the Democrat Party’s leader and the 27 th Thai prime minister.


He is born in 1964, on August 3, in England where he graduated the Eton College and the Oxford University.


At the age of 27 Abhisit was elected for the Thai Parliament and in 2005 he became the leader of the Democrat Party.


The King Bhumibol Adulyadej endorsed him as Thailand prime minister in 2008, on December 17. Becoming premier at 44 years, Abhisit is the youngest prime minister that Thailand has ever had in 60 years.


This premier came in times of political tensions and economic turmoil; two packages of economic stimulation were administrated by Abhisit: a plan of infrastructure’s improvement, on 3 years and of $40 billion and a program of initiatives that help the elderly and the poor students and farmers, of over $3million. Abhisit is the author of the lese majeste laws that included the censorship of some websites considered as harmful for the monarchy and for the national security. 


Thailand Leader

The Thailand leader is also the author of some strong anti-corruption measures; some members of the Cabinet had to resign because of corruption scandals. After the violent conflicts between protesters and military he promoted a plan of national reconciliation.


The first thing that Abhisit did as prime minister was to send a SMS to tens of million Thais, on their phone mobiles. In this text message, the prime minister asked the Thais to help him resolve the crisis of the country. The ones who were interested had to send back the postal codes, for 3 baht. The messages were signed ‘Your PM’.


The Thai prime minister was accused of privacy regulations violation; the National Telecommunication Commission admitted that the providers of mobile services are not allowed to exploit the information regarding the clients, without their approval. Despite this, the Commission didn’t take any actions against the prime minister.


Although there were voices that opposed to his decisions, Abhisit supported the public health’s protection. He also refused to eliminate the protection bill for the medical malpractice victims. More, Abhisit organised a national committee for the draft improving before the final copy is sent to parliament.

To be prime minister of Thailand the aspirant must be member of the Thailand’s Representative House. This is why the office qualifications are similar with the ones for the House. In order to be appointed, the office nominee must be supported by the 1/5 of the House of the Representatives’ members.

Leader in Thailand


Then the resolution is given to the Thai King who has to give the royal assent to this resolution. This must happen in 30 days of the Representatives House’s first session beginning. In case that the no candidate is found in this period, the Thai National Assembly’s President has to choose the person he considers worthy to be presented to the King. The nominee is every time the leader of the lower house’s biggest political party or of the majority coalition organized after elections.



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