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Thailand Latest News

Among the Thailand latest news are the one about the Red Shirts coming back on streets of Bangkok.


Thousands of opponents of the Thai government protested on September 19 on the capital’s streets, saying that the country is still politically divided. The government installed the emergency state.


For the about 7.000 Red Shirts that gathered in the Bangkok’s downtown, this thing didn’t matter. They occupied the place where 91 people died in 2009.


One of the demonstrators said that they wanted to show the people that they don’t want this government to lead, they want the


Parliament to be dissolved and elections to be organised. The man was holding a candle in his hands, in the memory of the Red Shirts that died in 2009 during the confrontations with the police. Other Thailand latest news is about a bomb alert in a Thai Airways airplane that was flying to USA. An airplane of the Thai Airways company was verified by FBI at Los Angeles because of a bomb alert launched before the landing. The TG794 flight makes the connection between Bangkok and LA, having 179 people on board.


Latest News Thailand

FBI, the airy security and the LA airport made a check of all the passengers, of the airplane and of the crew. A member of the crew found a message on the toilet’s mirror in which was written that a bomb is hidden in airplane, with about one hour before landing.

The pilots decided to continue the flight till the final destination and no bomb was found. There is also news that can be categorised as weird. A sedated baby tiger was found among toys on the Bangkok airport. In the luggage of a passenger the airport’s authorities discovered, among more toys an alive but sedated baby tiger.


The woman that was bout to take a plane with the Iran destination attracted the attention because of her big luggage.


The suspicions became true, the scanner revealing the fact that the woman had in her luggage a two months tranquilized baby tiger. The saviour of the animal said that the little tiger was very calm, half asleep and half awake. The woman involved in the incident is 31 years old, was arrested and the feline baby went to a reservation.


Because she tried to transport a dangerous animal, the woman risks 4 years of jail and has to pay a fine of $1.200. The authorities try to find out if the tiger is a wild one or was born in captivity. Thailand latest news is also about the extradition of a presumptive Russian gunrunner. The Thai premier Abhisit Vejjajiva announced that the

Thailand Latest News


extradition of Viktor Bout in the USA was postponed.  The prime minister is quoted saying that the postponing is due to the judicial trial that continues. The Thai authorities announced that Bout, accused of guns traffic and terrorism in the USA was about to be extradited. Bout said that he is innocent and the Russian government said that it is against the extradition.



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