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Thailand Landmarks



Thailand Landmarks

There are so many Thailand landmarks that it’s hard to decide about which to talk about. Wat Pho is a big and vast temple situated next to the Grand Palace; it has a Praying Buddha - gigantic, gold plated, long of 46 metres and with a height of 15 metres.


Wat Pho is seen as the first public education centre, being also called ‘the first university of Thailand’.


The mural paintings, the statues, educated people in various subjects like literature, fight strategies, archaeology, astronomy, geology, meditation and the traditional Thai massage. The temple is open daily, from 9 to 5.


The tropical gardens Nong Nooch and the Thai Cultural Centre- the large zone of garden has two lakes and around them you can admire palms, bonsai, cactuses, a glass house of orchids and ferns and a zone when you can admire tigers, elephants, chimpanzees and parrots. Thai Cultural Centre presents groups of traditional Thai houses and cultural spectacles such as the martial arts, tribal customs of music and dance, wedding ceremonies in the Thai style and so on.


Thailand Landmarks

The Royal Barge National Museum – procession of the Royal Barges is one of the most spectacular events in the world.


It takes place occasionally, during the Buddhist festival Tod Kathin, when the king offers the new robes to the monks from the Wat Arun Temple. These barges adorned with diverse adornments are kept by the Thai Royal Marine. The whole fleet has 52 ships, each of them being a masterpiece of the traditional Thai art.


The Lumpini Park covers an area of 56 ha and is situated in the area with the best real estates from Bangkok.


It is the most beautiful park in the city and offers an escape from the noisy crowd of the Thailand capital’s streets. The park is named after the birth place of Buddha from Nepal, having also the reputation of charming garden. Its main characteristic is the big artificial lake where pleasure boats ca be rented. The city’s inhabitants run on the jogging route in the first hours of the morning when the air is fresh and chill.


More, the park owns basketball, tennis and badminton courts, as well as an impressive library. If you have the occasion to visit the Dusit city, there are Thailand landmarks, too: the most popular attractions are the Palautl Chitralada (the residence of the King Bhumibol), the Vimanmek Palace (the biggest construction of teakwood in the world), The Marble Temple (Wat Benchmabophit), the building of the National Assembly (the Parliament) and the Dusit Zoo Garden.

All of these objectives are close, which make from Dusit a place easy to visit. The Dusit Park-on its fields are a clock museum, a photographic exhibition of the King Bhumibol and the Royal


Transportation Museum that owns a series of eccentric ceremony vehicles. The Dusit Zoological Garden is the biggest zoo garden of Thailand. It has mammals like monkeys, bears, tigers, elephants, rhinos, deer and other indigene species.



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