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Thailand Lacrosse



Thailand Lacrosse

Thailand Lacrosse has an association called TLA (Thailand Lacrosse Association) and the founders are a group of student players.


They have been involved in the lacrosse phenomenon for the latest years.


The ex players believe in the future of this game in Thailand and do the best to promote and develop the Thailand lacrosse.


The national team fights to represent the country and played on the same stage with other international teams of lacrosse.


The Thailand lacrosse team has 24 members:


Sean Lindsay, Tun Suraphongchai, Chazz Woodson, Peem Chatikavanij, Paul Kanjanapas, Sawevaris Rojanavorakul, Tod Phataraprasit, Naputt Assakul, Pan Vidhayasirinun, Naris Saropala, Prantarit Nerngchamnong, Joe Mascraretti, Todd Vongsiridej, Tae Bhirombhakdi,


Thailand Lacrosse

Punn Chirakiti, Michael Pansiri, Steve Hess, Korn Poonsirivong, Gunn Adireksarn, Schwin Chiaravanont, Tavin Olarnsakul, Nick Bhirombhakdi, Chatchawin Tangjaitrong and Tanaphon Manavutiveth.

They defeated the national team of China, a regional rival and kept the Friendly Cup trophy in Thailand.


This game it has a special significance in the history of the Thailand lacrosse because it was the first game played in Thailand ever.


In 2010 there was a series of two games between Thailand and China and this was the second game.


The first game was disputed in Kawloon – Hong Kong. After the game was an emotional ceremony at which the Friendly Cup was given to the team’s captain and to the Thailand Lacrosse Association’s president, Prantarit Nerngchmong, by the Thailand Royal Air Force’s General. In an interview given to the press, Prantarit said that the historic night happened due to the common efforts of numerous parts involved, such as the Hong Kong Lacrosse Association, the FIL, the partners, the Japanese Lacrosse Association, the fans, the families, the referees who had to fly from Singapore and Japan to officiate the game.


Is not too much to say that Thailand is like a new home for the lacrossegame and the Thai national team will become one of the Asians teams with big achievements in the future.


In 2011, the team will take part in the regional tournament that will take place in New Zeeland, along with Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zeeland and Japan.


If you are a lacrosse fan or just curious about what this game means, and you are in Thailand in June 2011, then take a look at the tournament that takes place in Thailand.

It is the first lacrosse tournament happening in Thailand and is also official. 8 teams from different 5 nations are invited to this tour and will fight in a competition with an enthusiastic crowd watching them.

Lacrosse in Thailand


During one week, each team will play one game, of elimination, and one final game for ranking. The tournament will take place between June 1st and June 8th  2011, on the Impact Yamaha Stadium. This stadium is situated in Nonthaburi, in the Muang Thong Thani district, is called like this because Yamaha was the sponsor of the stadium. Yamaha Stadium has 25.000 places and is the Thai Premier League’s Muang Thong United home stadium.



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