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Thailand Kratom



Thailand Kratom

Thailand Kratom is also known as kakuam, thom (in the Southern regions) and as it hang.

It is hard to say since when this plant has been used, the Thais have been using the plant for centuries.


Thailand Kratom is used as a drug (a narcotic one) and it also can substitute the opium, including in the moderation of the opium addiction.

Thai Kratom is also used in the folk medicine to treat the diarrhoea or for the sexual intercourse’s prolong.


Almost all of the people who consume Thailand Kratom chew the fresh leaves of the plant. Others eat the dried or the fresh leaves.


The leaves are also used in cooking by some villagers. The vein from the fresh leaves of the Kratom is extracted and in combination with salt is used to prevent constipation. The consumers use to drink a hot coffee or a hot tea after eating the Kratom leaf. From the leaves you can make a tea, a crude extraction or just smoke them. A very popular Kratom consumption method is to make a resin extract.


Kratom Thailand

For this, prepare the Kratom leaves water extract, boil it down and put it in small balls that are rolled in flour; the extract is stored till you use it. The most of the Thailand Kratom are farmers, labourers and peasants, in their attempt of overcoming the hard work’s burdens.

It seems that the women who use Kratom are very rare. There are parts of Thailand where the parents prefer to know that their daughter will wed to a Kratom consumer instead of a marijuana consumer.

And this is because the men who eat Kratom love to work while the ones who take marijuana are lazy.


Even the users themselves recognize that after consuming Kratom they have a big appetite for work. There are even Thai men who say that they begin to use the plant in order to have a bigger efficiency of the work. The Thailand Kratom Act 2486 was passed by government in 1943, on August 3rd.  According to it, it is illegal to plant Kratom trees and the already existing trees have to be cut.


 The Kratom trees are indigenous so the law has no efficiency. The Thai law also classifies the Thai Kratom in the same class with the heroin and the cocaine and the same penalties are applied as in the case of the two drugs.

The death punishment is applied for one ounce of Kratom extract. More, to distribute, sell and export Kratom from the land of smile is also completely banned. Recent information from Thailand showed that Kratom trees were destroyed and plantations were raided. This way every Kratom consumer should be careful from where his Kratom is; there are sellers of Thai Kratom that have legal plantations, in countries like Indonesia and Bali.

Thailand Kratom


The plant is legal in numerous countries but you have to be responsible, not only regarding the Kratom consume but also the selling of this plant.



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