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Thailand Koh Samui



Thailand Koh Samui

The third Thai island as size after Ko Chang and Phuket, Koh amui is situated in the South of Thailand, in the East China Sea.


The Thailand Koh Samui is famous for the white beaches, for the exotic atmosphere and the relaxed rhythm in which everything happens and for the numerous possibilities of recreation and entertainment. Koh Samui is definitely one of the most beautiful islands from the Thailand Golf.

The hotels are excellent and the services impeccable. The climate is tropical and humid al over the year but in the Samui Island is very pleasant, being chilled by the breeze, with temperatures varying from 25 to 34 Celsius degrees.


On the Koh Samui beaches you can enjoy the sun and the multitude of nautical sports. Koh Samui is an island impregnate of Buddhist culture. This is why you will often see Buddha images and very colourful temples, among which are Wat Phra Yai housing the Great Buddha, a statue of impressive dimensions that can be seen from a distance of couple of kilometres and Kunaram,


Thailand Koh Samui

the temple where the mummy of the monk Loung Pordaeng in his usual meditation position is preserved. Interesting raids can be done at the Namuang Hin Lad waterfalls, at the Ancient House, the oldest house of the island, built more than 150 years ago from teakwood, without nails, or Na Tian Butterfly Garden which has numerous butterfly species and a museum where a collection with the rarest Thai insects is exhibited.

If you want to explore other attractions of the island you can visit the palm plantations, the rocky formations called the Grandmother and the Grandfather from the National Park Namuang Safari,


where you have the chance to see how the monkeys are trained to pick coconuts, you can have rides with the ATVs or with the elephants, to go to a crocodile farm or to watch shows where the animals are the main actors.


You also can go to the Fisherman’s Village where are many stores, bars and the best restaurants on island among them the most appreciated being Happy Elephant. Also, you can choose the cruises at the Koh Tao and Koh Phang Ngan islands, very popular for the diving lovers or to explore the National Park Angthon, a complex of more than 40 islands, among which the most visited is Mae Ko; as regarding the nightlife, the Chaweng beach area is the main attraction from Koh Samui, due to its effervescent atmosphere and the multitude of bars, restaurants, clubs and discotheques. The Koh Samui Island is one of the most populated Thai islands, with about 40.000 permanent residents.


It is situated in the Thailand Golf and because it has its own airport, with regulate flights to Bangkok, is very simple to get to islands. If you want a calm island, on the other part of the island are beaches like Big Beach Buddha, Maenum and Bophut. Lamai and Chaweng are similar, Chaweng being less crowded and noisy.



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