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Thailand Kites



Thailand Kites

To raise kites was a very popular Thai sport over the centuries. The Thailand kites are described as ‘flat’ or three dimensional.


More elaborated kites, like the ones with complex forms such as human or bird, usually are three dimensional.


The common kites can be found in all kinds of forms, like fish, different faces, owls and varies from few centimetres to 25 feet. These kites are usually raised for fun.


The Chula and the Pakpao kites are symbols of the national played sport and patronized by the Thai kings over the history and the battle between the 


male Chula and the female Pakpao represents the main attraction at the kite festivals. The delicate kite Pakpao is in diamond form, is long in distinctively way and having a tail of clothes is the feminine kite. At 2.5 feet, Pakpao is fast. The speed and the agility are the main weapons of offensive and defensive. At a fight competition with the kites, the Chula kite can reach the impressive size of 80 feet.


Kites Thailand

The modern kites are in different forms and figures and are made of modern materials, often made after the latest technology.

They have much larger and more impressive cadres. These new developments brought a variety of styles of raising the kites.

The kites’ fight- the choice of the kite varies based on the predominant conditions. In front of some strong winds, is preferable a heavier kite with a stronger and more durable cadre. At moderate winds a kite with a medium size is ideal and at breeze, an easy kite is the best. The kites’ ropes – depending on the kite’s weight, its rope varies in the same way.


Unlike the nylon that stretches when is lugged and leads to a slower performance, the traditional ropes called pan answer to the fingers’ move and offer a better leading of the kite. While the kite hovers, fine vibrations are transmitted from cadre to fingers through rope.


With a simple drawing of the rope, the energy is transmitted to kite and it responds immediately. A Chula team is made of one ‘captain’, one or two handlers, which are the individuals who raise the kite and one team of players that run with the rope when the captain says so, usually through a pipe. So called weapons of the male kite Chula are made of a number of champah-bamboo fillets in shape of fight hooks that are put along the ropes at intervals specified by regulation. There are a minimum number of 3 or maximum 5 champah, depending of the kite’s size. The Chula kites can be registered at one of the two segments: small or big.

Thailand Kites

The delicate kites in shape of diamond, Pakpao use their clothes tails to attract the opponent in trap. There are 50 rules of this conquest between the Chula and the Pakpao teams that have to be strictly followed. For example, when is on the Pakpao territory, the Chula team has to be on an attack territory allocated to it.



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