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Thailand Kings



Thailand Kings

Thailand kings of the Suhkhothai period are:
Sri-inthrathit, Banmuang Ramkhamhaeng the Great Lerthai, Nguanamthom Thammaracha I, Tammarach II, Tammaracha III and Thamaracha IV.
Sri-inthrathit ruled between 1238 and 1270 C.E.


His name comes from Sanskrit and means ‘the sun king with the power of Indra’.


The people of his kingdom were impressed by his bravery and skills and offered the king the Phra ruang title (glorious prince).


Sri Inthrathit was married with Queen Nang Suang and had three sons. After the king died, his son Ban Mueang succeeded him.


Ram Khamhaeng ruled between 1279 and 1298, being also known as Ram Khamhaeng the Great. He ruled in the most prosperous period of the kingdom, being assumed that during his reign the Thai alphabet was created.It also said that during his reign, the Theravada Buddhism was established as the kingdom’s state religion. Many of this information have the source in some inscriptions on a stone that


Kings of Thailand

now can be seen at the National Museum from Bangkok. King Mongkut (a monk at that time) discovered the stone in Wat Mahathat, in 1833. There were also questions about the stone’s authenticity. One of the others Thailand kings is Thammaracha I, or Lithai, who reigned from 1346 till 1374, the year of his death.

The son of Lerthai, Lithai is recognized as the Traiphuum Phra Ruang’s writer (Three worlds of Phra Runag) - a religious text that describes the Buddhist Cosmology’s various worlds as well as the way karma sends the humans to a specific world.


The text would have a significant political role, being used as answer to the changes that came in the international and domestic political scene. The biggest image of Buddha was also built by King Lithai, in the Siam’s North territory; the image is called Phraputtachinnarat. The Thailand kings from the Ayutthaya period are: RamathibodiI I, Ramesuan – first ruling term, Borommaracha I, Thonglan, Ramesuan - second ruling term, Ramracha, Intharacha, Borommaracha II, Borommatrailokkanat, Borommaracha III, Ramathibodi, Borommaracha IV, Ratchadathiratkuman, Chairacha, Kaeofa, Mahachakkaphat, Mahinthrathirat, Mahathammaracha, Naresuan the Great, Ekathotsarot, Sisaowaphak, Songtham, Chetthathirat, Athittayawong, Prasatthong, Chaofa Yai, Sisuthammaracha, Narai the Great,


Phetracha , Sanphet VIII, Phumintharacha Thaisa, Borommakot, Uthumphon, Ekkathat. The Thonburi period had only one king: Tak Sin the Great. Thailand kings from the Rattanakosin period are: Phraphutthayotfa Chulalok Rama I, Phraphutthaloetla Naphalai Rama II, Phranangklao Rama III, Phrachomklao Mongkut Rama IV, Chulalongkorn the Great Rama V, Phramongkutklao Vajiravudh Rama VI, Phrapokklao Prajadhipok Rama VII, Ananda Mahidol Rama VIII, Bhumibol Adulyadej - the Great Rama IX. Famous for his faith in Buddha, king Nangklao used to feed the poor people everyday after he became a prince. He also used to release the animals in every monastery day.

Thailand Kings


During his reign, over 50 temples were built and also repaired, like the metal temple from Wat Ratchanadda, the temple from Rajaorasa, in Chinese Style, the Wat Pho Temple (or the Chetupol Temple), the highest stupa from Wat Arun and the Golden Mountain from Wat Sraket.



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