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Thailand King Health



Thailand King Health

Thailand king health was not always good; the king was hospitalised for lumbar spine stenosis, a narrowing of a canal where the nerves roots and the spinal cord are, the results being the legs’ numbness and pains in leg and back.


In July 2006 Bhumibol was hospitalised for a microsurgical decompression and one year later, on October 13, he had to be taken to the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok for weakness in the right side.


Doctors found blood shortage in the king’s brain. On November 2007 he was discharged and in September 2009 he came back to the same hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and flu and he remained in hospital till June 2010.


The king received antibiotics and glucose drip and the doctors said that there was no reason for the people to concern for their king’s health. The prime-minister Abhisit visited the king in the hospital, as well as a lot of people who came to wish all the best to the king. The Thailand king health was a sensitive subject in the country because of the problems that may appear with the succession.


Thailand King Health

The king’s son, Prince Vajiralongkorn doesn’t have his father’s moral authority or stature. In 2008, King Bhumibol Adulyadej could not make the traditional yearly birthday speech.


According to his daughter, the king suffered from esophagus’ inflammation and bronchitis. Instead of watching their king with his annual speech, the Thais were worried for the king’s health.


In two and half months of hospitalisation, the king was visited by about 1.2 million people: ordinary people, monks, work colleagues and schoolchildren who came from all over Thailand.


They brought write messages with the best wishes and flowers. There are people who had to suffer because of the Thai king’s health. Two persons were charged by the Thai authorities for spreading rumours regarding the king’s ill health; they were accused that their rumours affected the Thai markets.


The two Thai persons, woman and man, could stay 5 years in jail for breaking the computer crime law of Thailand. The woman was released on a 100.000 Baht bail and said that she did nothing but to translate into Thai one article regarding the health of the king, article taken from news agencies.

The Thai woman, Teeranun Wipuchanin, has 43 years old and worked at the Swiss Bank UBS; the woman said that all she did was to have a reaction to the markets’ continuing fall. The other person arrested is Katha Pajajiriyapong of 37 years old, employee of a security company from Thailand.

King Health Thailand

They were arrested for offering false information via the computer system that undermined the nation’s security, according to the Thai police. The woman was arrested after her trip to Vienna, on the Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport. The police took her mobile phone, digital camera and notebook computer as well as her home computer. Teeranum admitted that she posted her translated article on an Internet website that challenged the military coup’s legitimacy, in 2006.



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