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Thailand Kids



Thailand Kids

Everywhere in the world the kids must be considered the nation’s most precious resources. They represent a true force in the nation’s stability and development.


In Thailand, there are celebrations for the Thailand kids, on the National children’s day.


Generally, at these celebrations take part children with ages under 14 years.

In 1955, on the October’s first Monday, it was the first celebration of the Children’s Day, a holiday that continued till 1963 when the date was changed on the January’s second Saturday when the rainy season is gone and it’s a holiday of the Thai government.


The holiday stimulates the Thai kids to be aware of the important role they play in their country. They are taught to keep their country clean, to preserve the environment as well as the public property. The children are told that in order to be the nation’s strength they have to use their time with wisdom, to be helpful, disciplined, to learn to be responsible.


Thailand Kids

But there are also negative aspects regarding the Thai kids, such as the sexual exploitation of the children which became a global problem attracting the global care.


In the whole world, 1 million children (especially girls) enter the sex commerce that brings millions of dollars, each year.


Like in the experience of the economic development from all over the world, the children’s prostitution is one of the manifestations of social diseases brought by a social and economic development wrong balanced.


The poverty is the main reason for which the children from the rural areas of Thailand are attracted to the prostitution commerce.  To survive, the children coming from poor families are forced to give up school to help their parents to earn their living. When the kid starts to work since he is little, his hope disappears and is very probably to remain in this circle of poverty for the rest of his life.


The social pressures, the poverty and the lack of an education and of some employment opportunities lead the girls to the sexual and economic exploitation. The researches show that there are about between 22.500 and 40.000 girls under 18 years old that are prostitutes. The sexual abuse of the children, a crime in all the states, is one of the worst effects of the tourism. To have legislation is a thing and its application is other thing that requires effort, resources and often, the political will. A British citizen was caught in 1997 having sex with a 17 years old child in a Chiang Mai bar and was arrested and sentenced to one years of prison in Thailand.

Kids in Thailand

A man from Norway was accused in 1998 of having sex with 11 years old boy in Pattaya and sentenced to 40 months of prison. Other man, who had oral sex with a girl of 16 years old in 1997 in Chonburi, was deported in France and litigated in Paris, in October 2000. He was sentenced to 7 years of prison and had to pay compensation to the victim.



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