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Thailand Kid Smoking



Thailand Kid Smoking

Usually, the smoking kids are the ones that don’t have parents and live on streets or the kids that have poor parents but also immoral who let their children to smoke.


Unfortunately, there is more than one Thailand kid smoking who shocked the world with their cigar dependence. Although they just learned to walk, these kids smoke like the inveterate smokers.


All is because of their parents who gave their kids a cigar.


Some parents are both proud of their smoking kids who not only that they are not aware of their actions but also put their health in big danger.


We all know what the consequences of smoking are so the mental integrity of these parents who buy cigars for their little children is seriously put under the question mark. Some may say that these parents can not be even considered humans if they let their kids victims of the most unhealthy habits at such ages.


Kid Smoking in Thailand

 The mother of a Thailand kid smoking said that if the child doesn’t smoke he becomes nervous, starts to scream and hits himself with the head of walls. She also said that without a cigar her kid tells her that he doesn’t feel ok and is dizzy. In the 80’s there were remote villages with ethnic groups in which the children were smoking pipes and rough tobacco cheroots.

This was happening in the northern Thailand’s mountains and it stopped once with the schools’ establishment. The avid smoker parents, who also used to chew betel, said that they didn’t have a clue about how much the smoking affect their children’s life.


Why kids smoke? The children whose parents are smokers become nicotine consumers and not only, before they are born. The mothers who smoke during the pregnancy transmit the nicotine dependence to their unborn children.


After giving birth, the smoking around the child, even in a park or in ‘safe’ places, makes the baby to breathe the smoke eliminated by parents, bringing the ‘passive smoking’ into discussion, which is as harmful. In the civilised countries is forbidden to smoke in public places, on street, not only because the tobacco is harmful but also because is a bad example for children. The kids copy, they think that to smoke is an attitude of maturity and telling them that they are too small to smoke make them think that only if you are an adult you can smoke. As regarding the bad habits of the adults which they are dependent of,

Thailand Kid Smoking

meaning the smoking, no matter if we talk about 3 cigars a day or 3 packets a day, we all must know that the risk we produce to the children is major. Smoking during the pregnancy, then smoking in the car, in the kitchen, in the park, in the presence of the child, doesn’t do anything else but transforming your own child in a dependent of nicotine child, chain smoker, whose health will be affected in time.



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